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Quality Sheds, Garages, & Animal Shelters in Colorado

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More Space

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Your Assets

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Excess Clutter

Are you feeling stressed or irresponsible because you don’t have enough storage in your home or proper shelter for your assets?

We believe everyone should have the space and shelter they need for what matters most to them, and we want to help you find the structure that’s right for your situation!

Browse a few of our top-selling sheds!

Inventory sheds are typically delivered in 2 weeks or less!


16×24 Gable Style



12×16 Gable w/ Porch



6×8 Chicken Coop



10×16 Barn Style



Tackroom Style 8×12


Behold the captivating sight of our 14x14 Outpost Style storage shed, viewed from the front, with its charming wooden porch and a backdrop of other sheds, creating a picturesque scene that epitomizes both functionality and aesthetics.

14×14 Outpost Style



16×10 Western Style



12×16 Gable Style



16×24 Gable Style



12×16 Gable w/ Porch



6×8 Chicken Coop



10×16 Barn Style


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Replace This

  • Not being able to use your garage or
    basement because of clutter
  • Assets being exposed to weather
  • Animals not having proper shelter
  • Not having enough room for hobbies
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With This

  • Regaining space in your home and garage
  • Properly protecting assets & animals
  • Having room to pursue your passions

Sheds Designed & Built
to Last a Lifetime

Storage shed interior


Every structure is built with only premium lumber and best construction practices.

gable sheds with porches


Have peace of mind knowing your shed is built from a licensed engineer blueprint.



We make it easy to work with 1 company in the whole process: sales, delivery, and even permitting.



Sometimes life throws us curveballs. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty

Why Work With Colorado Shed Company?

Since our start in 2004, our focus has been serving every customer with our local and family-owned values.

That’s why we approach every sale and
structure with…

  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Focusing on competency and letting you know if
    we can’t build something you want
  • Building a positive customer experience & long-term relationships
  • Using the best materials and construction practices
  • Helping with permitting & code regulations (additional cost may apply)

We make your new shed simple!

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    Pick from our inventory or build your own.

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    We offer 3 purchase options: pay in full, financing, or rent-to-own.

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    We offer free delivery for the first 50 miles.

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    Love your extra space and shelter!

Your local Colorado shed & outdoor structure builder

Many people feel irresponsible or stressed when they don’t have enough storage space or aren’t properly protecting their assets and animals.

At Colorado Shed Company, we build and deliver quality sheds and outdoor structures that solve your storage & shelter needs and gives you room to pursue your passions!

Are you looking for a way to work from home? Need a small Backyard Shed for a photography studio? Want a workout den for your backyard? All of this is possible because we love to build storage sheds so that your dreams can be realized!

Colorado Shed Company provides more than garages and sheds for sale. We also custom build Backyard sheds or prefab car garages which fit your needs and accomplish your dreams.

All of our animal shelters, garages, carports, loafing sheds, pavilions, pergolas, and sheds in Colorado are built with top-of-the-line materials and are fully engineered by a certified Colorado engineer. We will be happy to deliver or build your shed onsite!

We offer common shed sizes like 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x16, 10x20, 12x12, 12x16, 14x32, and more. And if you need something unique, we will gladly build you a custom-sized shed!

We look forward to hearing about your shed building or garage plans that will make life work better for you.

Colorado Shed Company. Exceeding Your Expectations.

"They do excellent work, prompt, on time, communicate, and do quality work. I would definitely do business with them again."

-Ronald Enders

"We are pleased with our new shed. From ordering to delivery. Helpful office staff and quality construction."

-James Gagon

"Best company ever to work with. What a pleasure, and Jesse was phenomenal. Brian who delivered was fantastic. Thank you all. I have the most beautiful loafing shed ever!!!"

-Linda Thomas

"The Colorado sheds are beautiful and well-made. I love mine, and the delivery was flawless. The company was attentive, and I highly recommend their services. Thanks!"

-Joyel Mathews

"Their sheds are all amazing. Good materials/products and made well. Great variety of sizes and styles."

-Kathy Boody

"The build quality is exactly what we were looking for and expected. The delivery process was simple and on time. We recommend Colorado Shed Company to everyone that is looking for a finished or unfinished shed."

-Paul Deye

"The artistry in each structure is readily apparent as each shed will be seen dotting the landscape."

-D.H. Fremont

"Christian was an absolute pleasure to work with! Constantly giving me information, even though I asked a million questions about a million different sheds! 10/10 will be recommending these guys to anyone that may need a shed!"

-Tim Hamilton

"Thank you so much for the incredible customer service, communication, professionalism, and most of all - quality product. We will be back!"

-Amanda Bowman

"Everything was done exactly like I needed. Delivery was done when needed. I'm very happy with both of my sheds. Thank you!"

-Ruth Puck

Get started with a free customized quote

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• Due to the rapidly changing lumber prices,
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