Garage types: Attached, Semi-Attached, Detached and Integral

Garage types: Attached, Semi-Attached, Detached and Integral 1

In this blog we would like to look at some different garage types and their uses. What they are, their benefits and disadvantages, and most of all what it means for YOU, the garage owner. First a few interesting facts.

In the early years of the horseless carriage, many of these contraptions were stored in carriage barns, the precursor to the modern garage. Of course, the original carriage that was stored in these buildings was of the variety WITH a horse, which many times meant the horse was also living within that building. As time went on those who could afford carriages of the horseless variety disliked the smell and dirt that went with animals, and opted to build separate buildings for their prized motorized carriages! Thus, the garage was born.

The word “garage” originates from the French word “garer”, which simply means shelter. Early garages were also called “motor houses”. Many garages from before 1914 were prefabricated and were normally styled to match the house and its locale. Most early garages were of timber construction and few have survived. Many musical bands started their careers in a garage, and businesses were started from these humble beginnings as well.

Early on the grease and dirt of these motorized monstrosities we now simply know as cars made it very undesirable to have the garage close to the living quarters, so the first garages were generally far removed from the dwelling, though at times they were attached to other outbuildings. As time went on and vehicles became more common (and perhaps less smelly) the building to house them was many times attached to the primary dwelling place.

What is an attached garage?

Many houses built in recent decades have garages “built on”, or built at the time the house was constructed. This type of garage is, as the name states, attached to the home with a doorway into the main house from the garage itself. This is the most convenient garage for those living in cold weather areas since it eliminates the need to walk through rain, wind, snow or other inclement weather. However, some think this type of garage takes away from the character of the house since most times it is somewhat separate from the main roof line. Many times, it will look a bit like an afterthought; a separate building stuck onto the main building. With an attached garage you’re limited in style and you’re stuck with what you have!

What is an integral garage?

An integral garage is much like an attached garage with the exception of having much more thought put into the aesthetics of the entire house. It is basically an attached garage that is built within the parameters of the main house, using design techniques more pleasing to the eye than simply attaching another building to the existing one.

One of the disadvantages of both an attached garage and an integral garage is, interestingly enough, also one of its strong points…the doorway into the home proper from the garage. This can allow unwanted fumes and smells to enter the main house. Preventing this kind of unpleasant experience can be as simple as making sure the doors entering the house are well sealed and airtight. A little weather stripping goes a long way!

What is a semi-detached, or breezeway garage?

A semi-detached or breezeway garage in many ways has all the benefits of an attached or integral garage without the downside. With a breezeway connecting the garage to the house proper inclement weather is literally an outside problem. A breezeway garage can easily be added to an existing house and allows you to be creative especially if you get a prefab garage builder to design your garage to your taste. It could be a Cape Cod style, have a story on top of the garage itself, have a man cave built into it. Best of all the nasty smells and fumes are far enough from the house itself so that they cause no problem.

What is a detached garage?

A detached garage has no connection to the house. This, of course, means carrying groceries through the rain at times, or here in Colorado snow! But there are definite advantages to going the detached garage route. We’ll look at some of them in a future blog, but suffice it to say for the moment that advantages are many!

What is a prefab detached garage?

When you think prefab garage you may think too small! There are many prefab garages available not only in one car styles but also much larger! Double-Wide, attic, and even two-story prefab detached garages are readily available from a reputable garage builder right here in the Colorado Springs area.

What is a carport garage?

Carport garages are economically priced all metal structures that will protect your vehicle from the weather. Although your choices are more limited than with a prefab detached garage, if you want to pinch your pennies this garage may be for you! They are even available in larger sizes for RV’s and similarly sized vehicles.

Which garage is for you? You decide!

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    Detached garages are great if you’re looking to create another living space such as a man cave, apartment or even a music studio! They give you a sense of privacy from the rest of the home.

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