I Wish Every Company Took Care of Their Customers Like These Guys

I Wish Every Company Took Care of Their Customers Like These Guys 1

Short version: I asked ISI Sheds to do what I truly believed was impossible at the time I asked them. Not only did they do it, but their work and craftsmanship were outstanding, and their customer service is excellent. Truly one of the best consumer experiences I’ve had in years. We talked to the other companies, including the the big one everyone knows about. None of them would do what we wanted within the time frame we needed it. All of them were significantly more expensive for what would have been an inferior product. Way to go ISI Sheds!

Details (For those who are interested:

1. I asked them to build a fully customized, 12′ x 20′, barn style shed… (insulated residential doors and windows, a transom, half-loft, w/extra height at the peak, insulated floors, vapor barrier/house wrap under the siding, etc.).

2. I began discussions with Nelson on June 23rd, but did not finalize my order until June 26th. Then I asked them if they could build that custom shed, and deliver it to my lot in the mountains by or before July 4th. It was delivered on July 3rd, exactly one week after I signed the contract.

3. Did I mention my property is located in the woods, 2.5 miles off the paved road, on an unmaintained road that is pretty much a steep uphill climb the whole way, with switchbacks, low hanging power and phone lines, and occasionally narrows as it passes between unmovable objects like house-sized rocks and trees?

4. Did I mention that once they got there, they had to use a special trailer, and a “mule” to get the shed situated exactly where I wanted it (I mean literally within 1/4″ tolerance on all 4 corners!

And they did all of that for far less than any of their competitors. Seriously, these guys are the best and I give them my strongest possible endorsement!

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