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Every need for a portable building is different. While many people use a storage sheds as solution, many want more than just storage.

Customized Backyard Sheds and Garage give you the freedom to build a portable building that is built for you. If you want to finish your shed building as a home office, we’d love to make your dream reality. Need a special workshop where you can spend time even in the winter? Let us know!

Our name is not Colorado Shed Company for no reason. We really do want to help you be innovative in your use of a customized modern shed or garage.

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36″ Single Wood Door: $145

48″ Double Wood Doors: $195

5′ Double Wood Doors: $195

6′ Double Wood Doors: $215

36″ Steel Entrance Door S/B: $295

36″ Steel Entrance Door 1/2 Lite: $385

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14″x21″ Window with Grid: $75

18″x27″ Window with Grid: $85

24″x36″ Window with Grid: $95

10″x60″ Transom Window: $125

24″x26″ 2 Pane Insulated with Grid: $155

24″x36″ 2 Pane Insulated with Grid: $175

48″x48″ 2 Pane Insulated with Grid: $265

Where to buy a Custom Shed


4’x10′: $150

4’x12′: $175

8’x10′: $225

8’x12′: 275

Where to buy a Custom Shed

Work Table or Shelf

2’x8′: $96

2’x10′: $120

2’x12′: $144

2’x16′: $192

Options and Customized Sheds 2


Flower Box: $50

Shutter Set: $50

Anchor Set (4): $340

Anchor Set (6): $510

R16 Floor Insulation: $1 per square foot

Paint/Stain: 8% Base

Metal Siding: 10% Base

T-111: 5% Base

Build On Site: 14% Cost

Options and Customized Sheds 3


3′ Ramp: $110

4′ Ramp: $120

5′ Ramp: $140

Options and Customized Sheds 4

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