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This is the place to go!

We are a local, small nonprofit veteran suicide prevention program and horse rescue 501c3. This company bent over backwards for us to make it convenient and affordable for us. I love this place. Flexible and kind.

Jennifer Wolf
November 4, 2022

It’s all good!

It's all good! 1

Because my property is in Cotopaxi and I live in Illinois, I needed everything to go right and it did! My shed was done a week early. They worked with me on the delivery date. The staff was informative and kind. The price was good and everything on my shed was exactly as stated. If I need another shed, I will buy it from the Colorado Shed Company. Thank you Rhianna, Brian, Nelson, Christian, Brandon, Jesse, and especially your carpenters!

Ruth M. Puck
September 8, 2022

Woo hoo

From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I got delivery of the shed my experience was 100% satisfaction I would recommend them to anybody who needs a portable building

Pamela smith
June 16, 2022

Shed exceeded our expectations and delivery blew our minds 5/22

I purchased a 16×44 prebuilt shed. Working with Jesse was such a pleasure. He was able to get me a quote in about 12 hours. In a week we had the paper work and deposit completed. They worked with me on delivery so that I could obtain the proper permits and prep the site.
Brian is a rock star!! When it comes to five star delivery he and his team are amazing. Called me in advance to go over the route. Provided accurate time estimates and in fact was early. Set up the building within about 45 minutes from the time he got to the property. Absolutely the definition of a true professional. Whatever you are paying him you need to double it!!!
The shed construction meets all of my expectations. It would be how I would build a shed and all the materials used are sound and of high quality. That is saying a lot considering every other 2×4 /2×6 from the big box stores are more warped than a politicians morals.
Overall I give this 5 stars, only because I can’t do 10 stars. I will be purchasing from them again in the future.

Sean Dougherty
May 17, 2022

Awesome product!

What a great company. From the first step to delivery nothing but the best in quality and service. Rarely a company never misses a step but this one is top notch in every way. If you need any type product they sell you will not be disappointed. We have already referred several people!

Rusty L.
May 16, 2022

Great buying experience, delivery & placement of shed was outstanding!!

Mike Twombly
May 12, 2022

Everything was good except I could not open up your attachments that are a part of your emails, so I could not review the confirmations, schedule and invoices that were sent.

Kent Brown
May 12, 2022

The shed is built really well. Delivery was perfect. Jesse Tyrrell was very helpful.

Wayne Rayburn
May 12, 2022

My sales person made the process easy and supported my request for additional information so I could get HOA approval. The shed is perfect for my needs. Thanks!!!!

Steve stratton
May 12, 2022

The delivery of our shed came in well with the parameters that we were told at the time of purchase. Brian the delivery drive was very efficient and courteous. The shed was placed exactly where we wanted and anchored in approximately one half hour from the time he arrived. He also arrived at our location about twenty minutes prior to the expected time which was great.

Don Tuff
April 15, 2022

We were checking out quite a few shed options over a period of time. We made a number of trips out to the lot to look at different designs and options and everytime we talked with Jessie he was accomodating and patient and we never felt like we were rushed or pressured to make a decision. When we did decide what would work best for us he again sat down with us and made sure that we got what we wanted and all the particulars were outlined.
When it came time for delivery Brian kept us informed of when he and our new shed would arrive and on arrival he demonstrated his skill at precisely setting the shed exactly where we wanted it and did it in a very timely manner. Very impressed with all the professionals and the service at Colorado Shed Company. We have already recommended them to a few of our friends. Great website too that allows you to see and design a shed just the way you want it and send the plans to them. Awesome!

Brian Webber
April 14, 2022

The two sheds that we received from Colorado Shed are high quality and reasonably priced. The delivery was great as well. I highly recommend this company and I’m sure I’ll be buying again from them in the future.

James Wallace
April 14, 2022

Fit and finish was excellent. Quality of materials was very good. Jesse was great to work with during the ordering process and Brian did a really good job of getting the shed there and placing it just where I wanted. I really appreciate this company for maintaining a high standard during difficult times.

Robert Venable
April 12, 2022

I was so happy with my shed purchase! I visited several different shed builders before deciding to choose The Colorado Shed Company. They were very patient with all of my changes along the way. We were so nervous that they could not deliver to our remote area. The owner and the driver came to check out the space before the build. Brian the driver said “yes, I can do this”. He did not disappoint! Brian has got some mad skills and placed the shed in the exact spot that we wanted it. Thank you Brian for being and incredible driver! Thank you Jesse for putting up with all my questions and changes so I could get exactly what I wanted. The Colorado Shed Company is top notch!

Janet King
April 7, 2022

Purchased two sheds over a two year period One barn and one gable. Both built onsite. Awesome quality and experience. Could not recommend enough!

Conrad Schanze
April 7, 2022

The entire experience of buying my loafing shed from my first contact with Jesse to Brian delivering it was fantastic!
The neighbors came out to watch Brian place the shed with his remote control device!
All were impressed! He placed it precisely where I wanted it!
The shed is of superior quality and construction and it is beautiful!
Thank you guys for an awesome experience!

Linda Therrien
April 7, 2022

The shed is great, delivery was easy, and price is awesome. The color even matches the house. Couldn’t be happier.

James Stall
April 1, 2022

Such an incredible company. They make beautiful structures and provide over the top customer service. We will definitely be using them again. Thank you CSC

Cassandra Ragsdale
March 31, 2022

Great product and quality. Install and service could not have been better. One of the best sheds you will ever purchase.

Gary Looney
March 27, 2022

Rare Professional Company.

Rare Professional Company. 5

Jesse and Brian were a pleasure to work with. I purchased an economy 12′ x 16′ shed. Even without the upgrades the lumber, sheathing, paint and metal roof was of good quality and constructed well. The foundation blocks and anchoring the shed I performed myself (retired construction contractor) the shed was delivered on schedule and set accurately with no issues. Definitely would recommend CSC if your are considering purchasing a shed.

James Scribner
March 17, 2022

Super!! Great workin crew!! Structure is well built. Please consider this company for tour next structure.
Crew was super, working with each was easy. Thanks for building my shop!!

Mark Broz
March 3, 2022

Greenhouse is a dream come true

Greenhouse is a dream come true 7

We were driving down Hwy 50 and noticed Colorado Shed Company had greenhouses in their lot. I thought this was exactly what I wanted. I set up an appointment and met with Mike. He walked me through the construction process time frame, the delivery time frame and the cost. I chose the color finish I wanted. I received my greenhouse way ahead of schedule. It was expertly delivered by Drew. The greenhouse was set up in the exact location we wanted it to be. Inside the greenhouse are nice shelves. It has two operable windows and a locking door. My greenhouse is 8′ X 12′, which is plenty large enough to provide growing space for my plants. From the beginning of my first phone call to your company, to the final delivery day, I was happy and very satisfied. This shed withstood winds of over 90 miles per hour in my area. It will last for many years to come.

Terry Nichols
March 2, 2022

Jesse was awesome!!

Jesse was awesome!
I purchased a loafing/tack shed on the phone long distance, moving from California to Florissant in March.
He was so friendly and helpful! We had a great conversation! Very pleasant buying experience!
Thank you, Jesse!

Linda Therrien
March 2, 2022

Did a great job delivered earlier than we thought.

David Deshon
February 24, 2022

Have them explain exactly how they unload and how they position your shed. NO MOVING AFTER IT IS OFF TRUCK. Make sure the anchors can go into the ground to hold your shed. You may need to have predrilled holes with the shale in Penrose. Experience was what we expected. I would recommend this company. We purchased a shed in stock they delivered within 3 days and called before delivery.

Tilde Vineyards LLC
February 24, 2022

They do excellent work ,prompt , on time ,communicate And do quality work. Would definitely do business with them again.

Ronald Enders
February 24, 2022

Very well constructed, friendly staff, easy company to work with!

Amanda Peaker
February 15, 2022

The ordering process was fast and very easy. Delivery was also quick and very well done.

Joanne Carl
February 10, 2022

Great shed. Fair price. Amazing delivery!

Brian Cooper
February 9, 2022

Great shed, amazing delivery

Micah Ames
January 20, 2022

The sales process was thoughtful and easy to navigate. My angst about the delivery was unnecessary…We have a challenging location: 1/8 mile driveway including a hairpin turn, a fork and 15 degree grade up. Brian aced it! And the shed is so handsome. My horse and donkey are weathering single digit +/- temperatures with no problem. You delivered as promised across the board. Thank you.

Alison Armstrong
December 17, 2021

I have used Colorado Shed Company for multiple projects, including farm & ranch, storage and now residential.
They are always punctual and the build quality is top-notch….especially when compared to the “Big Box” and some other shed builders claiming quality while taking shortcuts in material or construction.
You definitely get what you pay for, yet they stay very competitive on pricing!

Curt Price
December 16, 2021

We have been to Colorado Shed Company many times and they are always helpful and willing to work with us. Once we finally moved out to our home in the mountains we had the land to put a shed on. With my growing business I needed some extra space to work and this shed, which was fully finished on the inside was the perfect office for us! Very high quality and sturdy! They do great work! We highly recommend Colorado Shed Company!

Jenni Olson
December 15, 2021

They took care of everything start to finish

Donald Borski
December 14, 2021

We love our shed. It’s solid and well built. Installation at our campsite was challenging but Brian did a great job. It was Amazing to watch!

Carole Carroll
December 14, 2021

I appreciate the professionalism of the entire staff at Colorado Shed Company. Your service and skills more than met my expectations. You were able to prepare the site and build/install the shed ahead of schedule. Great problem solvers. I highly recommend and will definitely do business with Colorado Shed for future needs.

William Turner
November 17, 2021

Deal with Jesse.
Good experience. KNOWLEDGEABLE.

Dan Gates
November 10, 2021

My experience with the Colorado Shed Company was great! I initially called to inquire about the process. Jesse patiently answered all of my questions and walked me through the online ordering process. He also did an outstanding job matching the paint color of my house using the pictures I sent him.
Once I ordered, the build time was well within the time frame Jesse had provided, which was essential for me based on delivery limitations where I live. Brian, who delivered the shed, communicated with me throughout the delivery process to make sure everything went smoothly. And it did.
I would absolutely call these guys again for my next shed or small building. Thank you, Colorado Shed Company!

Stephen Masson
November 8, 2021

They were polite, and patient and very informative

Rhonda Thomas
November 5, 2021

Was actually delivered earlier than expected and exactly at the time they said. It’s exactly as designed online. thanks

Michelle Schardt
November 4, 2021


Charles Treat
September 11, 2021

Purchasing was a pleasant enough experience but did not have much follow up info on delivery other than the delivery driver a few weeks prior to delivery. The “automated” delivery notice did not show up till after delivery that day so we’re a little disappointed in the following sale communication from our sales person. Also we let him know that there was a chipped portion at the bottom in the back of the siding and the door deadbolt wasn’t working because of misalignment and no reaction on fixing or credit adjustment or comp. Not big issues but annoying. That said product is well made and delivery person was pleasant and did a good job – overall we are happy with purchase just feel communication after sale not what it could have been. I believe this particular sales person was new and perhaps not as in tune with process. I do believe it’s a very good company at building and providing a good shed. We would purchase from them again. Dave & Mary Krohnfeldt

Mary Krohnfeldt
September 10, 2021

The floor squeaks. The doors won’t open all the way for easy unloading. Not happy.

Michael Goddard
September 6, 2021


We bought a Bristlecone Cabin from CSC/ Dreamwood Cabins for our second home, a weekend getaway in the woods. Wow! We could not be happier, the cabin is beautiful!
Nelson, Bradley and the entire team did a great job from design and permits through construction and final site work. We have never before worked with a contractor where all communications were clear, every committment was met and they delivered on everything they said. CSC used quality materials throughout and the finished product reflects craftsmanship inside and out and it is beautiful. CSC exceeded our expectations with the quality of the product delivered for a competitive price.
The only thing we would have done differently would be to hire them to take care of everything at the start, rather than other contractors for separate items, including the initial grading. They would do a great job on all phases of the work. We recommend hiring them for all your shed or cabin needs. If we could score them higher than 5 stars we certainly would because CSC offers a quality product and exceptional customer service
Kevin Wegener

Kevin Wegener
September 4, 2021

Very impressed with service, knowledge and support from collective team. Process was easy overall. Communication regarding delivery was thorough. Delivery was on time and precisely placed. True experts!

Alan Polacsek
September 2, 2021

Great construction. Delivery driver was experienced in making sure the greenhouse was placed where we wanted it.

Jon Barnhart
September 2, 2021

Awesome sheds delivered to a difficult location

Awesome sheds delivered to a difficult location 15

We bought 3 sheds recently from Colorado Shed Company. The design process was super easy with Wendell. Nate was invaluable in pulling permits(including an unexpected address permit). And then Brian drove some pretty gnarly Cotopaxi roads to get to our mountain property. Every single person on the Colorado Shed team was awesome, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and appearance of the sheds once they were delivered.


Darron Grissom
August 30, 2021

The design process was easy since I used the design choices in advance. The staff was very helpful and made sure all my requests were included. However, it took 3 months to complete.

Dyann Flickinger
August 27, 2021

Awesome service and communication!

Brenda Brunk
August 12, 2021

Customer service was great and the delivery and setup went with no problems putting it in the area we wanted.

Jim Cordova
August 9, 2021

I love my garden shed! The whole staff was extremely helpful and friendly! The shed was finished ahead of the scheduled time and delivered quickly and efficiently.
Our whole experience with Colorado Shed company was pleasant and profitable. Thanks again!

Pam Bunderson
August 7, 2021

We are very happy with our shed. The installers were on time ,and had it up in less then 4 hours, it is well built, and the colors were perfect!

Harvey Hampton
July 22, 2021

Best company ever to work with. What a pleasure and Jesse was phenomenal. Brian who delivered awe he was fantastic. That you all. I have the most beautiful loafing shed ever !!!!

Linda Thomas
July 22, 2021

Colorado Sheds are the BEST! I’ll never buy another brand! A hair more expensive, but vastly superior quality, and the delivery and placement was literally perfect. Kudos!

Brian Cooper
July 16, 2021

Smooth process from start to finish. We were kept informed about the status and delivery information. Brian positioned the shed in a tight location for us on a steep, rural lot. We will use Colorado Shed Co again.

Mark Tarnow
July 15, 2021

Drew and his crew were on time for the build and wasted no time on getting our 12×24 shed up in one day. They also had it painted before the end of the day. I would totally recommend The Colorado Shed Company for any build for a Shed or Garage. Just so all of you know the whole crew likes Arizona Sweet Ice tea….lol
Thanks Again ….. Nick and Julie

Nick Morris
July 14, 2021

Brian delivered the garage after being stuck on the road an extra 3 hours due to an accident
He is a champ !he was so pleasant and helpful he set
The beautifully built garage where we wanted it in no time!

Neal Botie
July 14, 2021

Our shed is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I had imagined. The delivery was particularly smooth and effective. Thank you for helping my vision come to fruition!

Katrina Watson
July 3, 2021

Everything went as planned. Delivery was perfect on the site. Well-built building that holds a LOT of stuff. Thanks a bunch!

Connie Thompson
July 2, 2021



We wanted to size down for our elderly years and we chose Bradley and his team to build THE ASPEN home. They made the process very easy even with the COVID…
We were able to redesign the home to fit our needs and now is nothing but pure pleasure to live in.
The integrity, ethics and construction skills were very much a pleasure. We also purchased a storage shed from them and was also handled very professional.
Thank you Nelson, Bradley and Team for our home.

Rodny and Evelyn Myers
July 1, 2021

From picking out our shed to the delivery, everything was outstanding. Communication was great and the prices are good. The delivery was the best, this man was so good and caring, very professional. I can only say good things about all the people involved and the hole process. Highly recommend Colorado Shed Company. They do business the way it should be done. And the Shed is great Quality. Cant say enough good things about them. Thank You!!!

Ron Martinez
June 30, 2021

We looked at multiple builders of sheds both here and in the Springs. Not only did my husband and I feel that Colorado Sheds had the quality we were looking for but also they had the ability to finish the interior of my “Happy Place” exactly to my expectations. So if you are looking for a superior product at the right price do not hesitate to look at Colorado Sheds. I know you will be happy if you do. I definitely am very pleased we did!

Debra McCormack
June 26, 2021

I bought a 10×12 shed off the lot. I couldn’t have a proper level pad prepared to receive it until several months later. It was delivered and installed quickly when I let them know everything was ready. I am impressed and would definitely work with this company if I need another shed in the future. Thank you Wendell and Brian!

Teddy Box
June 24, 2021

Even with weather and a broken right leg and surgery, you were very understanding could not ask for better service would recommend you for sure. Did great job.

Arthur Grammont
June 24, 2021

The shed was completed and delivered almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule which was nice. I was incredibly disappointed in the condition of the shed when it arrived, though. Apparently pigeons have decided to make the shed yard their home, and our shed was inspected after it was built but not again before it was delivered 2 weeks later. Our shed came full of bird droppings (in the rafters and dripped down the sides of the interior) along with a nest filled with eggs. When I called to find a solution to the issue, they apologized and arranged to send someone out to clean it. We had to wait more than 2 days to have it cleaned since no one could be bothered to help on a Friday afternoon or weekend, which meant that we couldn’t actually start using it until the following Monday. The entire sales, production, and delivery process was outstanding, only for the quality upon delivery to be so disappointing… For the amount we spent on the shed, I expected it to be in “New” condition when it arrived.

Kurt Smith
June 24, 2021

Weather was not on our side this Spring to site build our garage/workshop. BUT, once started it was smooth sailing. We appreciated Colorado Shed Company using a local concrete company and crew. Drew and Austin made construction look easy. I know it sounds goofy for a construction crew but it was like watching a choreographed dance. They worked so well together that the building system is super efficient and well built. Very pleased with our end product. Mike Hockmuller and Terri Kerr

Mike Hockmuller
June 19, 2021

Everyone I spoke with helpful and professional. Delivery was great.

Margaret Pomeroy
June 17, 2021

Highly pleased with the shed and very impressed with the dedication of the team.

Ben Davis
June 17, 2021

Great quality, great customer service, only issue was the door was locked and had to drill it out to get in.

June 10, 2021

Sheds look great, Brian did a terrific job with delivery

Charlie Farrell
June 10, 2021

Good no GREAT service. The man who delivered are shed was courteous, polite and very professional.

Carl Clink
June 3, 2021

Best shed EVER!

Brian Cooper
May 27, 2021

Awesome job, love our new greenhouse. Company was great to deal with, no stress whatsoever. Thank you..

Kerry Meier
May 27, 2021

Great to work with! Answered any questions and patiently checked on status when I called a couple times just to see how it was progressing. Everyone I talked to at Colorado Shed CompJy was kind and willing and helpful, especially Wendell. Brian who delivered our shed is “the Best”!!! He went above and beyond to get our shed to us as we had to dodge rainstorms for days and he knew we were moving our horses from out of state and they needed shelter.

Michele McLaughlin
May 20, 2021

Jessie did a good job helping us and communicating with us in designing and getting our shed ordered. The shed was built and ready to be delivered sooner than the timeframe that was originally given. Brian did a great job delivering, unloading, and anchoring the shed with his impressive equipment. It looks beautiful. Thank you!
Steve & Joan

Steve Wilson
May 20, 2021

Easy process to make purchase. Jesse was excellent. Very accommodating to permit process as well as delivary due to weather. Brian was awesome with delivary and set up.

Harlan Walter
May 20, 2021

The entire process was simple. We went in to the office, told them what we had in mind and they helped us choose a design for our needs. We were initially told it could take up to 6 weeks, but our building was done in 3. Delivery was set and accomplished within a few days.

Guy Edmonds
May 18, 2021

The colorado sheds are beautiful and well made. I love mine and the delivery was flawless. The company was attentive and I highly recommend their services. Thanks!

Joyel Mathews
May 14, 2021

Wendell and the team made it very easy and was pleasant to work with. The driver who delivered it was outstanding and had it right where I wanted in no time! Great service, highly recommend!

Keith Forshey
May 13, 2021

If you want great customer service, attention to detail and great prices, you have come to the right place. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable and I appreciated all the help they gave me in selecting and placing my new shed.

Christina Ferree
May 13, 2021

Well built shed delivered ahead of promised time! Great job!

Anthony Trillo
May 6, 2021

Second shed great like the first. You folks put together a quality structure. When I look inside at all the details (hurricane ties, mitered joints,…) that’s a lot of work that goes into the construction. Brian did a great job setting the shed in place. We’ll be back.

Donald Stimpson
May 6, 2021

From the moment we walked into the shop looking for a solution for an outbuilding office, until the delivery driver pulled away, their process was fantastic, easy, and professional.

Brian Tate
April 26, 2021

We picked out a shed and it was delivered within a few days. We have a steep driveway so they used a gator to bring it all the way up. It’s well made and we got it unpainted so we can match the colors with our house. We are also insulating it, putting shelving units in it and organizing! This was our 2nd purchase from this company. Would absolutely recommend.

Colorado Ranching Estates LLC
April 26, 2021

I recently ordered and received a greenhouse from the CSC. Jesse was very helpful with some minor modifications I made with the construction. The greenhouse came sooner than expected and Bryan did a great job with the delivery which was in a very tight and hard to reach area.

Dennis Vettese
April 17, 2021

This project started many months ago and I have female client who made many changes. We changed the building many times along with colors, style, design. roof, if a change could be made we made it. All of these changes were made without anything being sign. Never once were we met with anything but “Is that all this time?” and the new pictures were sent by the next day.

When the building was ready to shipped they called I told them I was not ready. What did they say, that’s OK just call us when you are ready. A month later it was delivered.

I manage this property and I am not on site all the time. When it was delivered the driver kept me informed all the time so I did not have to wait more than 15 minutes on for his arrival. Don’t worry about a delivery in a tight spot because the trailer can moved in any direction while the truck is standing still. It is neat to watch.

What does this all say, their customer service is the best and they build a great building.

Thomas Richter
April 15, 2021

Great company to do business with very professional. Everything was better than expected all the way throughout the process from start to finish.

Lucas McGeeney
April 15, 2021

Beautiful products

Lucas McGeeney
April 15, 2021

High quality construction and great customer service. Anyone in Colorado this is your go to shed builder.

Eric Smith
April 7, 2021

The greenhouse and the shed that we purchased from Colorado Shed Company are both well made and very sturdy. We are so happy with our new buildings! The guys were super easy to work with and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much!

Andrea Webb
April 5, 2021

I love my new shed! I bought a 10x20x8 xl barn style. The builder did a wonderful job. The delivery driver made the drop look so easy.

Christopher Perry
March 17, 2021

Great service

Rich Nelson
March 3, 2021

Was not pleased! Information was dropped several times between the company and the people doing the work. The salesman was good to work with though. Would not recommend doing business with them.

Kent Ratliff
February 25, 2021

Very professional and nice! We love our new shed!

Jim Bond
February 15, 2021

Very prompt delivery on a well built shed

Matt Talbert
February 14, 2021

I needed a shed, CSC has great options and a quick turnaround. They delivered the shed on my timeline and it looks great. Very pleased!

Michael Peterson
February 13, 2021

Colorado shed is a great company, we have several of their sheds always had very professional service and Brian is wonderful sitting the shed just where we want it!

Dona Pennington
February 11, 2021

Brian was absolutely amazing with his skills in placing the shed. He had centimeters to squeeze the new shed past our buildings to get it to its new home. Super talented with his remotes to control the robot carrying our new shed! We will definitely use Colorado Shed for our next purchase.

Wendy Deaver
February 8, 2021

Second Shed we have purchased from Colorado Shed. Delivered 3 weeks earlier than expected! Great quality!! Amazing company!! Friendly delivery fella!

Janean Wheeler
January 28, 2021

It was such a seamless delivery, I was in awe the entire time. Brian is a magician with all his equipment, what a pro! The shed is stunning, we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Jeffrey Craddock
January 25, 2021

The shed was delivered on-time as scheduled. The driver had to work extra hard to maneuver the truck into a position where he could unload the shed, and then had to move it with another piece of equipment into it’s final resting place. He put it exactly where I wanted it, and then installed the anchors for us. Five stars for him.

The shed itself is very well built, sturdy and just the way it was ordered. The price is very reasonable and was below the other quotes I got. Another 5 stars for the builders.

Randy Lownes
January 19, 2021

Experience was good huh

Glen Weisser
January 19, 2021

Great Service

Great to work with, had area almost cleared and ready for shed when early snow hit. They are holding shed until we get a clear time frame. Use if for emergency generator shed up here on mountain where we live. Thanks again for great service.
Arthur D. Grammont Jr. MSgt USAF Retired/ Deputy Chief Police Retired.

Arthur D. Grammont
January 11, 2021

The entire process from start to finish was great. All the crews were awesome and very professional. CCC concrete put the slab in and it is level all the the way across.

Derik Schnagl
January 8, 2021

Customer service is great. We shopped other shed companies and CO Sheds is best by far. Care was taken with delivery & drop off and the shed is great! Highly recommend.

Michelle Ingersoll
January 5, 2021

I had a10 by 20 ft. shed and a 10 by 20 ft. storage shed- livestock shed built. Craftsmanship and material quality were outstanding. Delivered and set exactly where requested. Extremely satisfied overall.

David Hart
December 17, 2020

Communicated well. You were responsive when I had a question. Went beyond what was required in dealing with permit. Delivered reasonably on time. Good quality workmanship.

Well Done.

Harry Barnes
December 12, 2020

Very good experience. Shed was perfect. Watching the trailer make the delivery was entertainment in itself

Stephen Newell
December 4, 2020

Very good craftsmanship

Dan Ross
December 3, 2020

Friendly salesman great customer service

Wayne Varner
December 2, 2020

Very easy process… way ahead of schedule….communication was excellent…My wife Loves her She Shed…spring is around the corner and all of her gardening tools are safe and ready to go. We would recommend Colorado Shed Company to everyone in need of extra storage. Thank You

Randy Johnson
November 26, 2020

Our installation was quick, and done with good quality workmanship. The guys did a great job.

Herb McMillan
November 19, 2020

Arrived on time and got right to work. Completed job in with excellent fit and finish. Would definitely recommend this company.

William White
November 19, 2020

We are pleased with our new shed. From ordering to delivery. Helpful office staff and quality construction

James Gagon
November 18, 2020

The Shed was first class quality build exactly as I ordered. The delivery process was worth the price of the shed, it was a remarkable process and equipment was amazing. My next shed will come from Colorado Shed Co.

Larry Frakes
November 11, 2020

On time they hit the ground running and built the garage in two days and did a fantastic job a good company to do business with

Donald Freeman
November 3, 2020

Excellent customer service. Quick on time delivery! Very high quality shed. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Kathleen Monahan
October 15, 2020

A very positive experience from beginning to end! The design and ordering process was smooth. We were very impressed with driver who delivered our two customized sheds! The quality and workmanship is outstanding. We will be ordering a third one soon.

Armin Hunzinger
October 15, 2020

We bought a great shed from Colorado Shed Company. The design process was easy and kinda fun. We got exactly what we wanted. The sales person Jaron was great to work with. The delivery and installation from Brian went above our expectations, he had to finesse it into place due to the tight space in between our house the scrub oak next to it.

10/10 Would buy from CSC again! 🙂

Rich Klinger
October 15, 2020

From beginning to end, it was a very pleasing experience! We build on site, and the crew was amazing! We are very happy with the results! Thanks you all!

Susie Da Silva
October 15, 2020

Great shed, great price, and delivered quickly.

South Plains Lamesa Railroad
October 15, 2020

Colorado Sheds is great! Everyone was professional and helpful. I ordered a shed with some “specials”, beyond the options they normally offer, and the shed was exactly as ordered. I highly recommend them for your shed needs!!

Neil Swan
October 12, 2020

Shed was delivered as promised and was able to place it exactly where I wanted it. Quality was superior and painted up nicely. Should have ordered two.

Rod Gomas
October 11, 2020

We purchased a 10×20 Barn Loft with log pine exterior finish. Our sales guy was Julian and we were extremely pleased with his attentive and honesty. Our cabin needed the finish to look very clean and professional since it was going to be visited by many friends and family. The crew (Drew, Lou, and Austin) met every aspect of what we wanted in build. I knew that it would be built with precision and a very HIGH level of detail when they spent a great deal of time to ensure the foundation was level before they continued. Might seem like a small detail, but that level of perfection and pride in their work carried through the entire build. We were beyond satisfied with the final product. See attached picture. Do we recommend Colorado Shed Company (Penrose, CO)….100% YES!!!

Jesse Sandoval
October 1, 2020

Great to deal with salesman very helpful and friendly. Delivered was simply and amazing to watch the driver put the shed right in the shot I needed it.

Gregory Ness
September 28, 2020

Dealing with Colorado Shed in Penrose was a great experience from start to finish. The shed is built to last and looks great. Thank you for making our shed buying experience so enjoyable.

Jon Peltier
September 26, 2020

The shed was completed almost a month earlier than promised, it was delivered and set up perfectly, and it passed our “horse” inspection!!! Thank you so much!

Rita Ellis
September 12, 2020

Lived up to all there promises and gave great service.

Bernie Zanoni
September 12, 2020

My experience with CSC was so much better than I ever expected. Shed arrived a week EARLY (crazy with covid), and Brian the delivery driver was amazing- in communication, sense of humor, and especially his driving and delivery skills. I was blown away by his expertise and how easily he maneuvered (or how easy he made it look) through our rutty driveway, low hanging electrical lines, tight squeeze between the chicken coop and a tree, and then over the irrigation culvert with the Mule.
And the shed is so well built – nothing “prefab” or thrown together about it. Solid, sound, and will last a lifetime.
Here is a video I edited of the process:


Dana Willett
September 2, 2020


Charles Treat
September 1, 2020

We’re very happy with CSC. Compared to other shed builders, the build quality is so much higher.
They have great options to customize. The office staff was very responsive throughout and the
delivery guy, Brian, is a magician with his delivery mule. Again, we are very happy and would not
hesitate to do business with them again.


Sven Schmidt
September 1, 2020

I was very pleased how quick they were delivering my shed, I could tell immediately the build quality was excellent

Brian Allen
August 20, 2020

Beautiful shed! Delivered on time, and set exactly where I wanted it!

James Kleczewski
August 20, 2020

We got this very nice shed up in just a couple of hours ! Two workers were polite and quick and made my day beyond expectations ! Thank you !

Rita Estep
August 14, 2020


Robert Windell
August 11, 2020

The shed was delivered on time by a driver who was very skilled in placing and leveling the shed. The shed appeared to be well constructed and attractive. We thought it was reasonably priced.

Steven Schwartz
August 11, 2020

Our experience with Colorado Shed Company exceeded our expectations. My family is not based in CO (and this is COVID 2020) so this was an entirely remote transaction. The Shed team was communicative during every step of the process — responsive to emails, web chat, and phone calls with a personal level of service and professional attention to detail that made us very comfortable with doing this whole thing without being physically present. The online shed builder tool was usable and a very good representation of the final product.  They helped with site prep and sent us pics of both the prep work and the shed once it was placed onsite. When we did get to visit CO, we were very impressed with the build quality and workmanship (and the bonus touchup paint was a nice touch that we didn’t think to ask about).

I’m not sure if/when we’ll need another shed in Colorado, but we’d definitely use Colorado Shed Co again!

Danielle Smith
August 8, 2020

I love my shed and the delivery was amazing!

Gina Pisciotta
August 5, 2020

The selection and design process was simple to follow and Jaron enabled the final changes. The delivery and setup was superb and we’re now enjoying the shed. Thanks to everyone involved in the purchase, build and delivery process.

Greg Wallace
July 31, 2020

Purchase made over the phone, delivered and set. No problems.

Lyn Travis
July 31, 2020

The shed was beautifully made and the delivery and installation was excellent.

David Berry
July 31, 2020

Brian was awesome, he was friendly and did a great job!!

Justin Dean
July 24, 2020

From start to finish the process was perfect. I had special requests for my shed build and they were all addressed. The delivery process was incredible. The quality of the build is excellent. My cost was more than $1,500 LESS than a well known national competitor. Thanks.

Bob Guthmiller
July 19, 2020

Amazing craftsmanship and quick delivery!

Aurther Henschel
July 17, 2020

Very easy to work with had my shed to me just in time

David Haight
July 7, 2020

I could not be more pleased with shed. The whole experience was seamless. The shed is everything we wanted and more!
I would recommend to anyone in the area whos needs a shed, goto Colorado Shed Company ASAP

Gregory Grumke
June 26, 2020

You guys did great. Thank you

Kyle Bourne
June 26, 2020

Colorado shed company was great. Huge selection to choose from, no pressure on anyway. Very fair pricing, quality work.

Delivery was also top notch. Placed shed exactly where I wanted it, Brian was a professional.

Highly recommend!

Ryan Schofield
June 24, 2020

The style and onsite build exceeded expectations. Thank you!

Steve Sherman
June 23, 2020

Friendly staff. Quality, well-built products. Professional installation crew. Everything went well and we are very happy with our purchase.

David Goodrich
June 6, 2020

Great service got exactly what was promised

Marc Ofsowitz
June 5, 2020

Top quality shed! Quick and professional delivery. Great price. I love this shed and have recommended Colorado Shed Company to friends and family. We have gotten so many compliments on our shed which now houses 2 miniature horses.

Sharilyn Hanson
June 5, 2020

Colorado Shed was #1 choice for us. We did a lot of comparison shopping. Best overall price, quality and personnel!!

Ken Chambers
June 5, 2020

My wife’s new she shed

My wife's new she shed 49

Just wanna say thanks for a very level square well built shed.delivered on time and great quality. Heres a few pictures of what I transformed it into..once again thanks..

Guy Schepmoes
May 21, 2020

From the start they ( Julian ) was very helpful using absolutely no pressure tactics on my decision . I’m very glad I stayed with them because the Quality is superb . It doesn’t stop there , I found out after ordering a 12 x16 unit I could not get it through the security gates on our Mountain property not to mention the rd leading in was very treacherous . I changed to a 10×20 shed with no arguments even though already paid in full , I even got a little refund even though they had already started building the original shed . The delivery driver ( Brian ) was an exceptional Driver I do not believe any other driver would have attempted this task , without his special trailer he could not have accomplished it . needless to say I am very pleased and grateful for a job well done by all and very reasonably priced . Thank You Colorado Shed David L Harbaugh

May 8, 2020

An awesome company to work with. No problems with any step of the purchase process, and the delivery was really, really good. They even came back to custom fit and attach the ramp I ordered.

Andrea Hollar
May 8, 2020

The shed is fine, exactly what we ordered. The delivery took 2 months…… That’s the unacceptable part.

Philip Schrader
May 8, 2020

The entire experience of selecting a shed type as well as the options that we added was a great one! Once a date to build the structure onsite was confirmed, the crew showed up on time, and worked throughout the day to complete the job. I would highly recommend Colorado Shed Company to anyone who might ask about the building quality or the courteous nature of the construction specialists. Great job!

Dehl Wolfers
May 7, 2020

WOW ! ! !

WOW ! ! ! 53

To Julian and all of the other folks at Colorado Shed Company:
We just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful She Shed. It is just what I have been wanting since I first saw this building several years ago. I love the uniqueness of the construction. We already have plans to complete it with electricity, A/C, insulation and flooring. Pictures will be coming.
And watching Brian position the trailer and the mule to get the shed off the truck was a truly amazing one man show.
Thanks again ! ! ! Mike & Julie

Mike and Julie
May 7, 2020

Everything went great. The crane showed up at 8:30, he set up, the shed showed up at 8:50, the shed was set in place by 9:15. Everyone was gone by 9:30. You can’t ask for better service than that . Brian was great. Again THANK YOU.

Larry McNab
April 29, 2020

After I posted a review about the leveling problem with our shed, I received a call from Bradley at Colorado Shed Co. Apparently we had received some misinformation. Colorado Shed worked with us to resolve the problem very quickly. We are now happily using our new shed. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a storage building.

Linda Kammerdiener
April 24, 2020

Straight forward, honest, great personality, professional. I already have a plan in mind for my next shed unit.

Jennifer Curry
April 17, 2020

I have bought 3 sheds through you guys for the state. Everything is always flawless and the sheds are built very well.

Lake Pueblo State Park
April 16, 2020

We looked at different Shed suppliers. Colorado Shed Company might not be the cheapest but you definitely get the highest quality for the price. A beautiful shed that will last for years to come. The shed arrived in perfect new condition. What a quality product! The delivery was also 5-Star! They were able to put it in the exact position with only little room to maneuver. It excites me to have a local business providing such a great product and service. Highly recommended!

Lukas Tobler
April 16, 2020

Working with Bradley Kimberlin was great. His responses to my questions were prompt. He made the process easy. Additionally, the person they use for delivery was great to work with as well. The shed is very well built; they did a great job on the color match for my home. I researched various options in regard to purchasing a shed. I’m really happy I decided to do business Colorado Shed Company.

Maylynn Thompson
April 11, 2020

Have bought from Colorado Shed twice. Very professional and very attentive to detail. Highly recommend.

Jim Kretzer
March 27, 2020

Extremely flexible when scheduling. Showed up early and communicated with us frequently. Great to do business with.

Jeremy Mcbeain
March 27, 2020

When I spoke with Cody he was very professional. I informed him of our needs and they were met in a timely manner. The day of delivery was top notch. Brian (I believe was his name) was absolutely amazing in his work. I definitely will refer people to your business and will use you again should the need arise.
Patrick Armstrong

Patrick Armstrong
March 25, 2020

The best

Ida Westwick
March 13, 2020

Very well built shed, 2×4 where others use 2×3, 2×6 where others use 2×4. Plywood not osb. more runners underneath. Their price was as good or better then others, delivery was good. Good not fantastic only because there is always room for improvement.

Dan Witt
March 5, 2020

Best experience ever! Julian was awesome every step of the way. Couldn’t be happier with my beautiful new shed. Highly recommend Colorado Shed Company. They are fantastic! Thank you!!

Marcella Chase
February 29, 2020

They were great

Ray Smith
February 24, 2020

Super nice shed. Well built and looks very classy and the delivery guy could thread a needle with his truck, so if you got a hard spot to reach when your shed is delivered don’t worry he can hit it. I am very HAPPY !!!!!

Terry Dale
January 31, 2020

I looked online for weeks. I finally went in to look at them in person and there were a lot of sheds on display with the prices on them. I picked what I wanted and paid for it. They delivered it in a few days. Great people, great experience. If I ever need another shed, I’ll be going there.

Alex Luna
January 27, 2020

Incredible professionals! Julian and team were absolutely great to work with: very flexible and attentive to details from start to delivery. We purchased a studio gable shed and included some design changes from a “standard shed”, and turned out beautiful! Shed was built to exact specifications we provided, and was delivered on time and on budget. I’m an engineer and a woodworker, so I tend to be fairly particular on ensuring structures are square, level, and sturdy: CSC did a great job! We definitely recommend and will be going back for another shed in the future.

Tom Muckenthaler
January 26, 2020

I ordered my shed to specific guidelines. And I was concerned that there wasn’t more contact from them. But it was finished ahead of schedule and it was built exactly as ordered! My next concerned . was that I also wanted it placed in a very specific spot. .. tucked back in the trees and I live off of a County Rd that might make it difficult for delivery. I was concerned that it just wouldn’t be possible. Brian delivered right on schedule and placed it EXACTLY where I wanted it! Even maneuvered around a little tree I wanted to keep! I couldn’t be happier! Truly professionals with attention to detail and made the whole process effortless!

Rachelle Monier
January 20, 2020

The amount of communication and responsiveness was refreshing and wonderful. Delivery was great and on time

James Renaud
January 20, 2020

Higher quality then their competitors sheds and great customer service. Very happy with this place. Recommended!!!

Terry Dale
January 20, 2020

I’m very happy with Colorado Shed Company. The staff there are honest professionals that are pleasant to deal with. The craftsmanship on their buildings is superb. I had an 10×20 shed built to match my Cleary building. Wish my Clearing building was as well built as my new shed! Delivery and setup was perfect and trouble free.
I’ll be an repeat customer. Thank You!!

John Copper
January 9, 2020

Louis was very professional courteous and precise with repainting and install a new roof on our shed

Jo Jo Schramek
January 1, 2020

Great Value

We live in Franktown and desired a detached single car garage. We received quotes from several sources and felt Colorado Shed Company was the most responsive while being competitively priced. We are very pleased with the quality and look of the new garage. We added options so it coordinates well with our home. Great crew who did the install and painting!

Raymond Hammons
January 1, 2020

After walking through the Colorado Shed Co. sheds in Walsenburg, my husband and I knew that the search for our new shed was over. The sheds are VERY well constructed using quality materials! When ordering the shed, we found that they offer a range of designs, colors and material options. They answered all our questions and were very helpful. When we discovered that they build greenhouses, we ordered one of them as well. They had the two sheds constructed and delivered a week earlier than scheduled which we really appreciated. My husband and I would recommend Colorado Shed Co. to anyone one looking for a shed that will last for years to come.

Carol Mason
December 12, 2019

Awesome service, quick unload and install. Overall great service and quality.

Zachary Holland
December 9, 2019

We knew roughly what we wanted and were shown several options. Went back in a few weeks and completed the sale in a very short time. Shed was delivered soon after and placed at suggested location.

Robert Wood
November 26, 2019

Awesome experience! Salesperson was helpful and knowledgeable. The shed is fantastic

Penny McDowell
November 25, 2019

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire experience! From my first conversation work Julian who helped me patiently with design, to Brian who came by to check access and his ability to deliver the shed to the actual day of delivery of the small shed, to the last two days with Drew and his crew on site building the large shed… absolutely professional at every turn!!! Couldn’t be happier!!!

Heidi Morgan
November 15, 2019

Shed is a good quality shed. Staff are a bit slow on delivery and returning phone calls.

Gabriel Hernandez
November 15, 2019

The staff at Colorado shed were great to work with. My shed was assembled on site. Everything was as I ordered. The shed is well built and sturdy. I’m extremely happy with the finished product.

Matthew Bright
November 13, 2019

Extremely Happy

My cabin is wonderful! The staff are great and they go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied! Cody was a great sales person, Nelson did a great job on our pad and making us happy. Brian was extremely talented when he did our delivery, our driveway is tricky! Julian is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, lots of energy! They are all great! I would definitely recommend Colorado Shed Company and we will be back for another shed!

Colleen K Smith
November 12, 2019
Zachary Wilson
November 7, 2019
Mary Hayes
November 7, 2019

Very professionally done.

Rocco Meconi
November 4, 2019
Susan Prieto
November 3, 2019

These sheds are quality built, look great, and are delivered quickly exactly as promised. The process from selection to purchase to delivery is seamless; it’s clear Colorado Shed Company is one of the most high quality, trustworthy and reliable companies in the business. Thank you so very much for my new shed!

Treasure VanDreumel
November 3, 2019

Very professional and confident. Good quality product and genuine people. Service before and after the sale very satisfying.

Bob Druitt
November 1, 2019

High quality product and efficient, friendly service. Can’t beat that!

Tammie Ray
November 1, 2019
Bob Keller
November 1, 2019

Our experience with Colorado Shed was easy and positive throughout the whole process.

Initial contact and quote was by Email, then contacted Cody via phone to finalize and place the order. We were given a lead time of approximately 2 weeks and it was 2 weeks when we were contacted for delivery.

The delivery driver Brian was willing to move the delivery up a day to accommodate our schedule. The site is 3/4 mile down a primitive road and then a fairly steep narrow driveway with a switchback. This was accomplished with no issues, showing that a skilled operator with the right equipment can make things that really aren’t, look easy.

We’re very pleased with the quality construction of the shed. Things like 16″ centers, hurricane ties, 2×6 rafters and no signs that corners were cut during the construction.

Shane & Jody

Larry Bridger
October 19, 2019

“Just Awesome!”

We have just moved to Colorado from Minnesota and needed some extra storage , we are so glad we stopped by to talk with CSC!
The employees they have are very knowable, friendly and helpful, we couldn’t of asked for a better experience. We love our new shed!!!! Thank you

Jody and Bev Schulze
October 15, 2019

Colorado Shed built a quality garage in a timely manner. It’s refreshing to find a company where integrity is a core value. I would highly recommend CSC – a company that cares about their products and their customers.

Ken Fay
October 12, 2019

love the shed and everyone was great !

Geraldine Munger
October 11, 2019

This company is the best to work with. The quality is absolutely wonderful! They are very understanding in the delivery and having to change dates. We had an issue with money we thought we were going to have in time, falling through. They were very understanding until we got it worked out. HIGHLY recommend them and we plan on buying a few more things from them!

Anshey Hanshem
October 11, 2019

My experience with Colorado Shed Company was fantastic from the initial sales inquiry to completion. Everyone involved was terrific.

Brad Wheelus
October 1, 2019

Way to go CO Shed Co!

I am extremely happy with Colorado shed company! The construction of my cabin is exceptional including solid western red cedar porch pillars and railings, exterior decking screws used on the porch instead of nails, excellent quality interior tongue and groove 3/4 inch plywood flooring, hurricane ties at every rafter joint, and the fit of every stud, rafter, & plywood piece is very tight with no gaps! I am so glad I ordered the spray foam insulation for the floor walls and roof . My cabin stays nice and cool throughout a 90-degree day. Top-notch people work at Colorado shed company… Julian the sales manager was very thorough in answering my questions and emailing quotes promptly. Nelson the owner did an excellent job with leveling my site using a skid steer and laser transit. Since I ordered metal siding & roofing, Aaron their metal building expert did an excellent job with the construction, and I was even allowed to contact him to discuss specific details. Last but not least, the delivery operation went very smoothly without error. Many thanks to the entire Colorado Shed Company crew!

Richard S.

Richard A Snyder
August 9, 2019

Jim Hoar

I would highly recommend Innovative Structures. for all your storage building needs in Southern Colorado. I recently purchased a large storage building from them and was extremely satisfied with the overall process from start to finish.
The process started a number of months ago with Julian Garber, Sales Manager. We were moving and needed extra storage space at the new location. Julian was very helpful and patient throughout the process. He followed up very well, was never pushy and always there to assist as needed.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail of Innovative’s actual construction of the building is as good anyone could expect. They were very competitive in pricing, even with companies that I got quotes from that were significantly closer to our new location. The building is truly “Built to Last” just as they advertise.
The delivery of the building was on time as scheduled and went very smoothly. Brian the delivery specialist did an outstanding job of placing the large building within a couple of inches of the exact location. That was after transporting it a couple of hundred miles over two mountain passes without any issues.
Again, I would highly recommend Nelson Hoover and the Innovative Structures crew for any building needs in Colorado. Thanks for a job well done.

Jim H.
December 12, 2018

I Wish Every Company Took Care of Their Customers Like These Guys

I Wish Every Company Took Care of Their Customers Like These Guys 65

Short version: I asked ISI Sheds to do what I truly believed was impossible at the time I asked them. Not only did they do it, but their work and craftsmanship were outstanding, and their customer service is excellent. Truly one of the best consumer experiences I’ve had in years. We talked to the other companies, including the the big one everyone knows about. None of them would do what we wanted within the time frame we needed it. All of them were significantly more expensive for what would have been an inferior product. Way to go ISI Sheds!

Details (For those who are interested:

1. I asked them to build a fully customized, 12′ x 20′, barn style shed… (insulated residential doors and windows, a transom, half-loft, w/extra height at the peak, insulated floors, vapor barrier/house wrap under the siding, etc.).

2. I began discussions with Nelson on June 23rd, but did not finalize my order until June 26th. Then I asked them if they could build that custom shed, and deliver it to my lot in the mountains by or before July 4th. It was delivered on July 3rd, exactly one week after I signed the contract.

3. Did I mention my property is located in the woods, 2.5 miles off the paved road, on an unmaintained road that is pretty much a steep uphill climb the whole way, with switchbacks, low hanging power and phone lines, and occasionally narrows as it passes between unmovable objects like house-sized rocks and trees?

4. Did I mention that once they got there, they had to use a special trailer, and a “mule” to get the shed situated exactly where I wanted it (I mean literally within 1/4″ tolerance on all 4 corners!

And they did all of that for far less than any of their competitors. Seriously, these guys are the best and I give them my strongest possible endorsement!

Larry Brake
July 27, 2018

Amazing Donation

Amazing Donation 66

I am so pleased to offer everyone at Innovative Structures a HUGE (albeit long over-due) “Thank You” for the shed you donated to Family Crisis Service (FCSI) in Canon City. We worked closely with Brian to make all of the arrangement, and the two installers (I wish I knew their names) were in and out in a flash.
In December, Innovative Structures donated a custom built shed to FCSI, covering all material costs and labor to install the shed (see picture).
We are so thankful for this donation, as it offers us some much needed additional space to store shelter supplies (diapers, cleaning supplies, bedding, and donations).
Thank you so much, you have been a true blessing to Family Crisis and the work we do to help those impacted by domestic violence.
Sincerely, FCSI Staff

Family Crisis Services
April 2, 2018

Awesome shed, high quality, competitive price.

We got the 10’x20’ shed and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. It was built and delivered quickly. Everyone was helpful and very professional. Highly recommend buying from them vice tough shed. I love that it’s a local southern Colorado owned company as I try to keep my money local. Thank you so much.

Richard Dawson
April 2, 2018

Third Building

I have purchased 3 buildings from Innovative Structures over the last few years; the last being a cabin. I see a fourth one in the future. They will build what you need with quality materials. Shop around and you will see the difference.
Very good people to work with!

Myron Hershberger
February 21, 2018

Thanks and Commendation for Exemplary Service Provided By Innovative Structures

I am pleased to provide a letter of commendation to Innovative Structures of Penrose, Colorado for services provided in the construction of a 32 X 24 foot garage structure on my property in Buena Vista, Colorado.

I stopped in at the offices of Innovative Structures on a return trip home from Pueblo, Colorado to look at ideas for construction of a sizable garage on my property in Buena Vista to compliment my existing custom home. I discussed several options with Nelson Hoover, who was generous with his time and experience, and showed me several examples on their site, of the structures they build. I ultimately worked with IS to design a 760 square foot custom structure to meet my needs.

All work performed by Nelson Hoover and his associates at Innovative Structures was done in an efficient, on schedule, and high quality manner. Communication by phone, text, in person/ on site was highly professional and straightforward. All employees and associates of IS (including excavation, cement, door specialists, and others) worked with a truly admirable work ethic and were of highest integrity. I enjoyed meeting every one of them.

I have now had the time to look at the completed garage and find the work to be of true quality workmanship. Excavation work occurred quickly and efficiently despite the legendary boulders that can be found in the Arkansas River Valley. The cement work appears flawless. Carpentry in the 2 x 6 construction is of very close tolerances and the structure is exceedingly stout. Window recommendations and installation make for good security yet allow good quality ambient light during daylight hours. Roof pitch and premium shingle recommendations compliment the adjacent custom home in shape and color. I expressed an interest in having all activity on site minimize impact on the natural vegetation to the extent possible. All personnel did their utmost to comply, for which I am grateful.

Finally, if the high quality structure was not enough to encourage me to offer this recommendation, then the final cost certainly was. I had obtained four bids on the project. Innovative Structures was highly competitive and also allowed me the flexibility to customize my structure to meet my on site needs.

I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Innovative Structures to anyone looking to have constructed on your site, a high quality garage or similar structure.

Jonathan Halpern
November 17, 2017


Impressed 67

Impressive group to do business with, I must say. They were immediately responsive from the time I first stopped by to see if they could do the shed we needed. The shed is solidly built, perfectly in place, and on time. Wow! Also great fun to watch that amazing trailer put the shed in place.

November 7, 2017

Nothing But Awesome

From my interactions with both Nelson and Brian I have nothing but awesome things to say. Very professional, very polite, and very honest men. Would do business with these guys over anyone else.

Russell Larsen
October 10, 2017

More wonderful than I expected

ISI will get all my business! I went to a different company first I had been to talk to them before and when I went to go buy the terms changed a long with the prices. I then went to ISI, I told them what I needed and the time crunch I was in. They made and delivered my new shed in 6 days it is more wonderful than I expected so many extra touches and for cheaper than the other place! Thank you so much for my wonderful new shed!

Lynette Newton
October 10, 2017