Payment Options

Buy Outright, Rent-to-own, or Financing

We Offer 3 Payment Methods

Option 1: Buy Outright

Looking to purchase your new structure without interest or rental payments?

Great news - all of our ShedsGaragesCabinsLoafing Sheds, and other structures can be purchased with cash, check, or credit card (no additional fees for credit card)! Fill out a Quote Request today and we will be happy to help you.

Option 2: Rent-to-own

Are you paying monthly fees to a storage unit downtown? Would you like to have a storage unit on your own property? If either of these applies to you, then Rent-to-own is the perfect option for you!

Rent-to-own is a month-to-month rental agreement. At any time, you have three options:

  1. Pay your monthly lease payment on time and keep the structure as long as you need it
  2. Purchase the structure at any time with no penalties
  3. Voluntarily return the structure at no cost or obligation

The best part is, if you renew your agreement each month for the full term of your contract, the structure will belong to you! With no credit check and a small initial payment, Rent-to-own is a reasonable way to acquire ownership of a quality storage unit. Contact us for more information!

Option 3: Traditional Financing

We also work with a financing company for credit-based financing. This requires a credit check and interest rates vary based on credit history.