THE TACK ROOM Backyard Shed:

Yard Sheds for your Garden, Horse or Office

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The Tack Room Backyard Sheds

The Tack Room Backyard Sheds offer a unique design with an attractive alternative to the simple backyard storage shed. Don’t let the name fool you! While this shed works great as a Tack Room or for storage for any supplies for all of your  backyard animals, it is also great as an office shed, studio shed, backyard shed or space for extra storage at your home or ranch. Not the style you need? Here are some more backyard sheds you can choose from

The 2’ overhang offers protection from the weather as you use the 6′ double entry door. Optional flower boxes improve the attractiveness of your Tack Room Shed or you can add more features from our list of custom options.

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The Tack Room is a Backyard Shed with More Perks

Comparing Colorado Shed Company with our competition might not be as easy as it seems. Notice a few key features included in the Tack Room Sheds and then ask our competitors what is included in theirs! From the ground up, we aim for top-quality backyard storage sheds that will stand the test of time.

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Doors for your Shed or Garage are 3' to 5' Wide. Wider sizes are available upon request.

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Hurricane ties ensure your shed is solid and safe during very high winds.

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Your portable building will come with real plywood 3/4" Tongue and Groove flooring.

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All Sheds and Garages come with Felt Paper under the shingles or metal roof. 

Tack Room Backyard Shed 7

You choose between a metal roof or a shingle roof. All for No Extra Charge!

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Floor Joists are spaced at 16" center on sheds and 12" on Garages and are Pressure Treated.

I ordered my shed to specific guidelines. And I was concerned that there wasn’t more contact from them. But it was finished ahead of schedule and it was built exactly as ordered! My next concerned . was that I also wanted it placed in a very specific spot. .. tucked back in the trees and… Read more “”

Rachelle Monier
January 20, 2020

Straight forward, honest, great personality, professional. I already have a plan in mind for my next shed unit.

Jennifer Curry
April 17, 2020

I love my new shed! I bought a 10x20x8 xl barn style. The builder did a wonderful job. The delivery driver made the drop look so easy.

Christopher Perry
March 17, 2021

Nothing But Awesome

From my interactions with both Nelson and Brian I have nothing but awesome things to say. Very professional, very polite, and very honest men. Would do business with these guys over anyone else.

Russell Larsen
October 10, 2017

Amazing craftsmanship and quick delivery!

Aurther Henschel
July 17, 2020


Begin by Choosing Your Backyard Shed Size

When you think about the size of your Tack Room Shed, don’t think too small and then wish in two years you would have a larger building! The Tack Room plans below show space in an 8×12 shed with only one motorcycle, see the space two normal sized exercise equipment machines take up in a backyard workout room or see the amount of room left in a 12×24 Garage Shed after the car and an ATV are inside. The Tack Room is offered in sizes from 6'x8’ (48 square feet) to 14’x40’ (560 square feet).

Choose Your Tack Room Siding Type

See various siding types for your Tack Room that will match your taste or your home (Prices vary according to siding type).

Tack Room Backyard Shed 12

T111 Siding

Great choice if you want a wood look or you wish to stain your building.

Tack Room Backyard Shed 13

DuraTemp Siding

With a full 50 year warranty, DuraTemp will give your a-shed a long life. 

Tack Room Backyard Shed 14

Log Siding

A great choice for cabins or sheds that need to fit into a rustic space. 

Tack Room Backyard Shed 15

Metal Siding

Choose this if you care about a maintenance free shed.

Tack Room Backyard Shed 16

Custom Siding

Maybe you have a unique idea for how your shed siding should look. 

Add Optional Tack Room Shed Features

Make your Tack Room truly your own with optional features. This list is only the beginning of what can be done. We love to take the ideas of our clients and make them come to life! There are many ways to make your Tack Room Shed fit your needs.

Additional Doors

36" Single Wood Door: $110.00

48" Double Wood Doors

5' Double Wood Doors

6' Double Wood Doors

36" Steel Entrance Door

36" Steel Entrance Door with 1/2 Lite

Additional Windows

14"x21" Window with Grid

18"x27" Window with Grid

24"x36" Window with Grid

36"x36" Window with Grid

10"x60" Transom Window

Insulated Windows are available

Other Popular Options

Lofts for your shed


Flower Boxes

Workbench or Work Table


Anchor Set

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*Due to the rapidly changing lumber prices, all quotes will be good for 14 days.

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Tack Room Backyard Sheds in Penrose, Canyon City, and Pueblo Colorado

The Tack Room works great as a simple backyard shed solution, but also as a backyard space for hobbies or work so you can free up your life to be more independent.

Q and A

Thanks for asking! Fill out the form for a Free Quote if you are looking for a customized quote including options and shipping. If you want to compare prices of various models and sizes, you can also fill out the form for a Free Price List. We won't promise to have the cheapest Tack Room Shed in Colorado, but we can assure you, our aim is top quality and good service.

Anchor kits are available for a reasonable cost. Most times an anchor kit for your shed is not necessary. However, if your Tack Room Shed is tall and small, and is in the line of heavy winds, we would recommend an anchor kit. The anchor kits for the storage shed will be installed during Shed delivery.

We hate to disappoint you, but we don't charge any extra for a Metal Roof! You get to choose between a Metal Roof and a Shingled Roof for your Tack Room Shed. And we install the shingles so they won't blow off during a strong wind.

We always aim to have our Tack Room Sheds delivered within 3 weeks. However, there are times when we are overly busy and it stretches beyond that. If you're really in a hurry, just pick one of our ready-to-go Tack Room Sheds at our Backyard Storage Supercenter in Colorado and we might be able to have it to your faster than Amazon Prime!

Delivery is quite simple. We come to your location with our shed truck and trailer and a MULE to get the shed or garage in place. The MULE will take your portable shed from the trailer and through the tight places right to the area you have prepared.

Delivery is FREE for the first 30 miles. After that there are mileage fees, permit fees and if the building is extra wide, pilot car fees. If you want to be sure you know the total cost for your storage shed including delivery, fill out the Quote Request Form and we'll send you a quote with all the details!

You want to figure around 1 ft 6 inches wider than the shed you order. If you order an 8x12 Tack Room Shed, then you should have 9 ft 6 inches to get the shed into place. If you have any questions about being able to get the shed in place, please discuss this with your sales rep.

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