8x12 Storage Sheds

Enjoy Practical & Functional Space

Are you looking for some extra storage space for your home? Maybe a place to store some totes, a small mower, your bikes, or your garden tools?

An 8x12 storage shed might be perfect for your situation!

With it's smaller footprint and 96 square feet of storage, 8x12 sheds are perfect for smaller spaces or smaller storage needs - and without breaking the bank!

To learn more about this economical shed, you can read our blog on knowing if the 8x12 shed is right for you or our latest post on popular storage shed sizes.

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8x12 Shed Inventory in Colorado

Please Note: Sheds marked with "Special Order" means it is not currently on our lot - but we can build a similar one for you!


8×12 Gable Style



8×12 Tackroom Style



8×12 Tackroom Style



8×12 Tackroom Style



Tackroom Style 8×12


Front view of an 8x12 Green House with wood frame, metal siding and roof, and plastic covering on the upper walls.

Green House 8×12


Front view of an 8x12 Green House with wood frame, green metal siding and roof, and plastic covering on the upper walls, highlighting the door in the front.

Green House 8×12


Tackroom Style 8x12 storage shed with wood siding, double doors, and a window.

Tackroom Style 8×12


Discover our modern 8x12 Urban Style storage shed, featuring a sleek grey door and an eye-catching angled roof, perfectly blending functionality with contemporary design.

8×12 Urban Style


A view of the 8x12 Greenhouse from the front. In the background are other storage sheds and clouds in the sky above the property.

8×12 Greenhouse


The sun shines through a window of a beach house, illuminating a sandy property with a shed and a building surrounded by a cloud-filled sky.

8×12 Tackroom Style


8x12 Tackroom Style storage shed with double doors and a window on the side, viewed from the front.

8×12 Tackroom Style


The sky is dotted with clouds as a wooden shed with a door stands in the outdoor property of a house.

8×12 Economy Gable Style



8×12 Urban Style



8×12 Tackroom Style


Standard Features Of Our 8x12 Sheds

gable sheds

Entry Doors

Doors for your shed or garage are 3' to 5' wide. Wider sizes are available upon request.

shed with hurricane straps

Hurricane Ties

Hurricane ties ensure your shed is solid and safe during very high winds.

shed floor tongue and groove

Tongue & Groove Flooring

Your portable building will come with real plywood 3/4" tongue and groove flooring.

sheds with felt paper

Felt Paper Roofing

All sheds and garages come with felt paper under the shingles or metal roof.

metal shed roof

Metal or Shingle Roofs

You choose between a metal roof or a shingle roof. All for no extra charge!

storage shed interior

Pressure-treated Floor Joists

Floor Joists are spaced at 16" center on sheds and 12" on Garages and are Pressure Treated.

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8 x 12 Shed FAQ’s

Top Reasons An 8x12 Shed May Be Perfect For You!
  1. Ample Storage Space: An 8x12 storage shed provides a generous area of 96 square feet, offering abundant space to store various belongings and keep them organized.
  2. Versatility: These sheds are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of items, including gardening tools, outdoor equipment, seasonal decorations, and sporting gear.
  3. Space Optimization: The 8x12 dimensions strike a balance between being compact enough to fit into most yards while still providing substantial storage capacity.
  4. Accessibility: With enough interior space, it becomes easier to access and retrieve stored items without having to rummage through cluttered spaces.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Many 8x12 sheds come in aesthetically pleasing designs, enhancing the overall look of your backyard and complementing your home's architecture.
  6. Increased Property Value: Adding an attractive and functional 8x12 storage shed to your property can boost its resale value, making it a smart investment.
  7. Weather Protection: These sheds offer protection against the elements, keeping your belongings safe from rain, snow, sun, and other weather conditions.
  8. Customizability: You can customize the interior and exterior of the shed to suit your specific needs and preferences, making it a tailored storage solution.
  9. Maintenance Friendly: Maintaining an 8x12 shed is easier due to it's smaller footprint.
  10. Decluttering and Organization: Having a dedicated storage space like an 8x12 shed helps declutter your home and keeps your belongings neatly organized, promoting a tidier living environment.