Animal Shelters

Experience the spacious design of our 8x10 Loafing storage shed as you view it from the front, highlighting the open front space that provides easy access and flexibility for your storage needs. This unique feature allows for convenient loading and unloading, making organization a breeze.

8×10 Loafing Shed



12×12 Loafing Shed



6×8 Chicken Coop


10x12 Loafing Style Storage shed on blocks. Large open entrance, wooden walls, metal roof.

10×12 Loafing Style



10×20 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom



10×20 Loafing Shed with Tackroom



10×20 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom



8×10 Chicken Coop


10x20 Loafing Shed with Tackroom large shed with double doors plus a large open entrance and a window. Green walls and wooden trim, metal roof.

10×20 Loafing Shed w/Tackroom



12×32 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom


Capture the front view of our 12x12 Loafing shed, featuring a spacious opening without doors, designed for effortless accessibility. The absence of doors creates a wide and inviting entrance, allowing for easy entry and convenient storage of your items.

12×12 Loafing Shed



8×10 Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop 6x8 perfect for raising chickens, highlighting the easy access to nesting boxes.

Chicken Coop 6×8


If you are looking for a small portable animal shelter shed, then look no further! We offer a wide range of animal shelters for horses, cows, sheep, chickens, and more. These sheds are perfect when you need a shelter in the pasture or only have a few animals and don’t need to build a large barn.

Whether it’s a loafing shed for your horse or a chicken coop for the backyard, we can design and build the animal shelter shed you need!