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An Economical Cabin Shed for Your Mountain Escape

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Gable Shed Cabins

Living small is not everyone’s dream, but there are those special people who think smaller is better. Others want a small cabin shed away from home where they can get away from the big responsibilities to enjoy a simpler life for a few days. The Gable Cabin Sheds are a choice when you want an economical cabin shell or for a summer or hunting cabin. You’ll also get to face the challenger of DIY interior finish project of your own. Download a Price List

Cabin Sheds Come Ready for Finishing

The Gable Cabin Sheds included insulated windows, an insulated entrance door and a porch for relaxing in your small space. The floor comes insulated and lofts are already installed as a standard feature.
Buy a Portable Cabin Shed in CO

A Half Lite door is included in your portable cabin shed. Add a second door for easier access.

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Hurricane ties ensure your cabin shed is solid and safe during very high winds.

Gable Shed Cabins 2

Your cabin shed shell will come with real plywood flooring, insulation and vapor barrier

Gable Shed Cabins 3

All Cabin Sheds come with Felt Paper under the shingles or metal roof. 

Gable Shed Cabins 4

You choose between a metal roof or a shingle roof. All for No Extra Charge!

Gable Shed Cabins 5

An 8' Loft and a 4' Loft is included in the Cabin Sheds. 

The staff at Colorado shed were great to work with. My shed was assembled on site. Everything was as I ordered. The shed is well built and sturdy. I’m extremely happy with the finished product.

Matthew Bright
November 13, 2019

We got the 10’x20’ shed and couldn’t be happier with our purchase. It was built and delivered quickly. Everyone was helpful and very professional. Highly recommend buying from them vice tough shed. I love that it’s a local southern Colorado owned company as I try to keep my money local. Thank you so much.

Richard Dawson
Pueblo, CO
March 15, 2018

We live in Franktown and desired a detached single car garage. We received quotes from several sources and felt Colorado Shed Company was the most responsive while being competitively priced. We are very pleased with the quality and look of the new garage. We added options so it coordinates well with our home. Great crew… Read more “Great Value”

Raymond Hammons
December 25, 2019

My experience with Colorado Shed Company was fantastic from the initial sales inquiry to completion. Everyone involved was terrific.

Brad Wheelus
October 1, 2019

Incredible professionals! Julian and team were absolutely great to work with: very flexible and attentive to details from start to delivery. We purchased a studio gable shed and included some design changes from a “standard shed”, and turned out beautiful! Shed was built to exact specifications we provided, and was delivered on time and on… Read more “”

Tom Muckenthaler
January 26, 2020


Begin by Choosing Your Cabin Shed Size

The Cabin Shells from our facility start at 12’x24’ and go up to 14’x36’. There is a lot you can do inside a space like this. See the floorplans below to begin dreaming of your cabin shed in the mountains. If you're looking for office space, check out our studio shed.

Choose Your Cabin Shed Siding

Siding choices for our cabin sheds give you the option to create a cabin that fits your property. Consider the Log Cabin siding to get a real rustic cabin look.
Gable Shed Cabins 6

T111 Siding

Great choice if you want a wood look or you wish to stain your building.

Gable Shed Cabins 7

Stucco Siding

Do you want to match your home for a HOA? Choose a Stucco Shed.

Gable Shed Cabins 8

DuraTemp Siding

With a full 50 year warranty, DuraTemp will give your a-shed a long life. 

Gable Shed Cabins 9

Log Siding

A great choice for cabins or sheds that need to fit into a rustic space. 

Gable Shed Cabins 10

Metal Siding

Choose this if you care about a maintenance free shed.

Gable Shed Cabins 11

Custom Siding

Maybe you have a unique idea for how your shed siding should look. 

Download a Price List and Buying Guide

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Prefer to Design Your Shed in 3D and See Instant Pricing? Click Here.

Cabin Shed Photos

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Q and A

What is the Price?
Thanks for asking! Fill out the form for a Free Quote if you are looking for a customized quote including options and shipping. If you want to compare prices of various models and sizes, you can also fill out the form for a Free Price List. We won't promise to have the cheapest shed cabins in Colorado, but we can assure you, our aim is top quality and good service.
Can my Shed Be Anchored?
Anchor kits are available for a reasonable cost. Most times an anchor kit for your shed is not necessary. However, if your shed cabin is tall and small, and is in the line of heavy winds, we would recommend an anchor kit. The anchor kits for the storage shed will be installed during delivery.
How Much Extra is a Metal Roof?
We hate to disappoint you, but we don't charge any extra for a Metal Roof! You get to choose between a Metal Roof and a Shingled Roof for your shed cabins. And we install the shingles so they won't blow off during a strong wind.
How Soon Can I Have a Shed Delivered?
We always aim to have our shed cabin sheds delivered within 3 weeks. However, there are times when we are overly busy, and it stretches beyond that. If you're really in a hurry, just pick one off of one of our shed lots in Colorado, and we might be able to have it to your faster than Amazon Prime!
How Does Delivery Work?
Delivery is quite simple. We come to your location with our shed truck and trailer and a MULE to get the shed or garage in place. The MULE will take your portable shed from the tailer and through the tight places right to the area you have prepared.
What is the Delivery Cost?
Delivery is FREE for the first 30 miles. After that there are mileage fees, permit fees and if the building is extra wide, pilot car fees. If you want to be sure you know the total cost for your shed cabins including delivery, fill out the Quote Request Form and we'll send you a quote with all the details!
How Much Space Do I Need to Get the shed cabins In?
You want to figure around 1 ft 6 inches wider than the shed you order. If you order an 8x12 shed cabins, then you should have 9 ft 6 inches to get the shed into place. If you have any questions about being able to get the shed in place, please discuss this with your sales rep.
I Have Another Question
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