Tiny Homes & Offices

Behold the captivating sight of our 14x14 Outpost Style storage shed, viewed from the front, with its charming wooden porch and a backdrop of other sheds, creating a picturesque scene that epitomizes both functionality and aesthetics.

14×14 Outpost Style



10×20 Gable w/ Porch with Interior Finish


Are you interested in using a shed for a tiny home or office? We offer sheds with a variety of custom features, finishes, and design styles that can be used for a home office, remote tiny office, guest house, etc. Particularly if you want to use it as an office or daytime space, you can make these tiny home sheds work with proper insulation and electrical hookups!

So if your home is bursting at the seams, and you feel like you need some extra space for your home office – consider one of these tiny home offices from Colorado Sheds, or submit a request for a custom design!

Please note that you may need to check with your local code office before using a shed as a tiny home or office.