What You Should Know About Rent-To-Own Sheds

Benefits of Rent-To-Own vs Storage Units. 

In today’s world of clutter, one popular solution has been the rental of an off-site storage unit. Storage units are expensive; a 10×15 rental unit costs around $100.00 a month and even more if you need a climate-controlled area. These are endless payments and money spent that you won’t see again. Also, think about all the time and effort spent driving to and from the storage unit. Indeed there is a better way; welcome to rent-to-own storage!

You can store your belongings on your property with rent-to-own storage! No more traveling back and forth to the storage facility, and your payments are going toward a unit that will one day be yours! All you need is a backyard with room to install the unit you choose, but don’t worry; our structures come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Our rent-to-own purchase option offers an affordable initial payment. Once you sign the contract and pay the initial amount, we will deliver the building to you. Then, make monthly payments on the building until you purchase. The best part is that you will own the shed when your monthly payments are complete or purchase early!

Click here to see our infographic that compares rent-to-own to the average storage unit.

Storage Rental vs Rent to Own Sheds
Storage Units or Personal Shed? Which is for you? Image source: www.flickr.com

How Does the Rent-To-Own Program Work?

While buying a shed outright may make more sense from an economic standpoint, circumstances may prevent you from having this option. Rent-to-own is an excellent choice if you don’t have the cash to purchase outright but already spend monthly fees to store your belongings. Rent-to-own is a legal contract under which you rent a structure on a month-to-month basis. As a renter, you have three options:
(1) Purchase the structure anytime during the lease with no penalty for purchasing early.
(2) Rent the unit each month for the entire contract term, and after your last payment, the structure is yours.
(3) Return the rental at any time free of charge, and no obligations on your part.

The Benefits of Rent-To-Own!

1. There is No Credit Check.

Bad credit? No credit? No problem. Since a rent-to-own is a monthly agreement, it is not traditional financing or a loan. Therefore, no credit checks are required.

2. Flexibility

The rented structure remains under Canyon RTO, LLC’s ownership until you complete all your payments or purchase early. Only need storage for a certain length of time? You can return the rental anytime during your contract at no cost or obligation.

3. Affordable

We only require you to make an initial payment when you sign the contract. Then, make your monthly payments. It is that simple! We offer 24, 36, 48, or 60-month agreements; choose the plan that best fits your budget.

4. Great Investment

Your payments go towards an item you own at your contract’s end. Stop wasting money with a storage unit!

rent to own shed
You can have a shed in your backyard for the same price as a storage unit!


After reading through this information, we hope you agree with us on rent-to-own benefits. If you do not have the option to purchase a structure outright, rent-to-own will give you the option of one-day gaining ownership.

With affordable prices, you don’t need to dig deep into your wallet for a large cash outlay.

Choose a storage shed, spend a reasonable amount on your initial payment, and budget monthly. You can sign up for a rent-to-own shed for as little as $69.21 monthly! Please contact our sales team; we are happy to answer your questions about rent-to-own and assist you in choosing the building of your dreams. We hope to add you to our long list of satisfied customers!

Rent To Own Sheds Infographic

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