Rent to Own Sheds vs Self-Storage Units (Infographic)

Rent To Own Sheds Infographic Preview
Rent To Own Sheds In Colorado

How Rent to Own Sheds Will Save You Money vs Renting a Storage Unit. 

In today’s world of clutter one popular solution has been the rental of an off-site storage unit. This can be an expensive solution, however. A 10×15 rental unit costs around $100 a month and even more if you need it to be climate-controlled! This is essentially money spent that you won’t see again. Not only that, think about all the time and money you’ll spend driving back and forth to and from your storage unit. Surely there is a better way. And you’re right. Say hello to the storage shed!

A better solution is to place your own storage shed on your property! This, of course, requires a backyard that’s large enough to install your shed, although storage sheds come in lots of sizes and even come as small as a 6×6 building that only requires a very small footprint.

But a good storage or lean-to shed means an outlay of cash you may not have on hand. And this is where rent to own sheds come in! For an affordable down payment, you can have your shed delivered and make monthly payments on your building until it’s paid off. And the best part is that when your payments are complete you own the shed in full.

No more monthly outflow with nothing to show for it except a space that stows your belongings anywhere from minutes to hours away. With rent to own sheds, you can now have your own storage unit right in your backyard.

We created this Rent to Own Sheds Infographic (see below) to explain what rent to own sheds are a great option, especially when compared to renting a self-storage unit across town!

Storage Rental vs Rent to Own Sheds
Storage Units or Personal Shed? Which is for you? Image source: www.flickr.com

How Do Rent To Own Sheds Work?

What is the Definition of Rent to Own?

According to Wikipedia rent to own, also known as rental-purchase, is a legally documented transaction, leasing tangible property in exchange for a weekly or monthly payment. The option is given to purchase the item at some point during the agreement. While it may make more sense from an economic standpoint to buy your shed outright, there may be circumstances that prevent you. If you don’t have the cash on hand and are already spending monthly fees to store your stuff, rent to own is a great option for you.

Hear From Our Customers!

Brian was absolutely amazing with his skills in placing the shed. He had centimeters to squeeze the new shed past our buildings to get it to its new home. Super talented with his remotes to control the robot carrying our new shed! We will definitely use Colorado Shed for our next purchase.

Wendy Deaver
February 8, 2021

Weather was not on our side this Spring to site build our garage/workshop. BUT, once started it was smooth sailing. We appreciated Colorado Shed Company using a local concrete company and crew. Drew and Austin made construction look easy. I know it sounds goofy for a construction crew but it was like watching a choreographed… Read more “”

Mike Hockmuller
June 19, 2021

Very good craftsmanship

Dan Ross
December 3, 2020

We were checking out quite a few shed options over a period of time. We made a number of trips out to the lot to look at different designs and options and everytime we talked with Jessie he was accomodating and patient and we never felt like we were rushed or pressured to make a… Read more “”

Brian Webber
April 14, 2022


Robert Windell
August 11, 2020

The Benefits of Purchasing Rent to Own Sheds!

1. There is No Credit Check.

Bad credit? No credit? No problem. Since a rent to own shed is just that… a rental, this is not a loan, therefore no credit check is needed. The shed remains the property of the seller until you pay it off in full or send it back.

2. You Can Pay Off Your Rent to Own Shed Early!

With a rent to own shed, you have the option of either taking the entire term of your agreement to complete your payment or receiving a discount for completing your payments early.

3. You Can Return Your Rent to Own Shed

If for some reason you decide you don’t need your shed simply have us pick it up and your payments stop. No more payments. No hassle, unlike financing through a financial institution where you need to make your payments or face foreclosure.

rent to own shed
You can have a shed in your backyard for the same price as a storage unit!


So, there you have the basics of how it works for a rent to own shed. No need to dig deep into your wallet for a large cash outlay. Simply choose a shed, put a small amount of money down, and budget a monthly payment.

You can sign up for a rent to own shed for as little as $69.21 per month and forget about the rent for a storage unit! Our sales group will be happy to discuss our rent to own opportunities. We would love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers!

Rent To Own Sheds Infographic

Rent to Own Sheds vs Self-Storage Units (Infographic) 1

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