The Best She Shed Ideas

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She said, “she shed!” Have you ever heard that saying floating around?  It is no surprise if you did. She sheds are exploding in popularity. Mancaves seem to have existed ever since the beginning of time, yet a woman’s retreat or getaway, has only now sprung into existence. She sheds open the doors for women of all walks of life to relish a quiet, set apart space, simply to refresh, recharge, or enjoy their hobbies in solitude and surrounded by the very things that rejuvenate their souls. It is no secret that women are busy, hardworking, and constantly giving of themselves. Whether you are a mother, businesswoman, teacher, etc. you deserve an outdoor structure where you can rest and retreat.

Where Do I Start?

Where do you start? According to the famous human rights activist, Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars…”

The answer. Dream.

Ask yourself these questions. What style do I want? What colors do I want? What do I wish to express? What is the environment that will bring my soul the most peace?

Now to fuel your creativity, enjoy viewing some of the best she shed ideas for your inspiration!

Beach Shed

You don’t have to live by the beach to enjoy a beach she shed! Bring the ocean aura into your shed by decorating the inside with ocean shells, palms, and beach-style colors. You can almost taste the ocean with one look at this beach-themed she-shed. Blue and white colors add such an oceanic feel to this beautiful a frame shed.

The Simple, Original Shed

Your location plays a deciding factor in where you might want to escape away. If you live near the ocean or own an oceanfront property, why not set up your she shed yards away from the sparkling ocean waves. Setting your she-shed on the beach will allow you to enjoy the sun, seawater, and therapeutic beach sounds while enjoying free access to rest in the shade or nap on a lounge couch inside your relaxing shed.

Vintage Classic Shed

Calling all vintage lovers! This she shed is outstanding for its beautiful flowered wallpaper, blue hues, and décor. Taking in all the décor, this vintage she shed could be considered a mix of classic and retro. From its velvet curtains to its zebra throw rug it is a combination of old-time beauty and modern retro class. If you love elegance and beauty, consider this she shed as a source of inspiration for your upcoming she shed!

The Best She Shed Ideas 3
Photo Credit: stylist.co.uk

Classic Country Shed

A classic country she shed brings warmth and simplicity together with its natural colors and textures. This she shed adds an elegant twist with its draping, lace curtains. The classic country she shed is charming and classy without making too much fuss.

The Sewing Shed

Your hobby might inspire your she shed’s interior. Just as it did for this she shed – a seamstress’ haven. The classic white interior gives a fresh and clean feel. Even though this she shed is small, the choice of white paint allows for it to feel bright, roomy, and organized.  Yes, imagine spending blissful, undisturbed hours sewing to your heart’s content in your very own sewing she shed.

The Best She Shed Ideas 4
Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy
The Best She Shed Ideas 5
Photo Credit: houselogic

The Retro Shed

Who says there is any such thing as too many colors? This she shed is a real stand out with its multi-colored exterior. It gives a retro flavor to the shed while commanding admiration. You can have fun with your she shed. Only requirement, allow your personality and taste to lead the way.

The Persian Shed

Elegance. Mystique. Beauty. This she shed captures those three words. From the elegant draping curtains all the way to the stoic dog statues on the roof it conveys a feeling of intrigue. This Persian style she shed charms with its colors and décor.

The Best She Shed Ideas 6
Photo Credit: sheknows.com
The Best She Shed Ideas 7
Photo Credit: homeishome

Stunning Treehouse Shed

Sometimes the ground level may still feel too close to home for your she shed. If so, try your nearby woods. This gorgeous treehouse she shed beckons all nature lovers. You might have been noticing the trees for years, but you probably never saw a she shed in one. Your love for nature and desire for a personal space meet beautifully with the novel idea of a she shed treehouse!

Snack Bar Shed

Food is a decoration, a hobby, and a passion. In all honesty, women love their snacks and they love sharing them with friends. So, if you feel like your being eaten out of house and home (by your husband and children), take your favorite snacks and food items to host and store them away in your own snack bar she shed.

The Best She Shed Ideas 8
Photo Credit: Pinterest
The Best She Shed Ideas 9
Photo Credit: alicejcollyer

Trendy Office Shed

Work never looked so good or inviting! The design of this trendy office she shed incorporates both a professional and focused environment. Go ahead, take a seat, and try to remember that you work from home. A she shed offers a woman endless opportunity for dreams, innovations, and success.

Paint Studio Shed

It is a fact that every artist needs a space to allow their creative impulses to run free. A she shed makes a perfect art studio. No need to worry about spending too much on interior decorations. Your artwork will be lining the walls!

The Best She Shed Ideas 10
Photo Credit: onekindesign

Hear Rachel’s Story of how a she shed rekindled her artistic skills.

Modern Shed

The Best She Shed Ideas 12
Photo Credit: Sumoco
The Best She Shed Ideas 13
Photo Credit: Rugs Direct

The bright bold yellow complimented by the mellow green catches your eye on this modern-looking she shed.  The interior black and white striped flooring adds a creative and modern touch. Take in the interior’s innovative and textured bluish-green paint job. Unleash your creativity as you experiment with your own she shed’s interior paint design.

Beached Themed Shed

The Best She Shed Ideas 14
Photo Credit: findingsilverpennies
The Best She Shed Ideas 15
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Your location plays a deciding factor in where you might want to escape away. If you live near the ocean or own an oceanfront property, why not set up your she shed yards away from the sparkling ocean waves. Setting your she shed on the beach will allow you to enjoy the sun, seawater and therapeutic beach sounds, while enjoying free access to rest in the shade or nap on a lounge couch inside your relaxing shed.


The Best She Shed Ideas 16
Photo Credit: Pinterest
The Best She Shed Ideas 17
Photo Credit: rockmystyle

Take a deep breath, relax, and take a nap! Consider making your she shed into lounge quarters. Yes, you deserve to kick your feet up from time to time. This she shed invites a cup of tea, a book, and your favorite throw blanket. The only missing ingredient is, you.

Colorado Shed Company

If you are looking for the perfect she shed, look no further than Colorado Shed Company. Our sheds our designed to withstand the strong Colorado winds and harsh climates. We have several different styles of storage sheds that you can easily convert into a she shed of your choice. You can customize your design, style, and size, and we will deliver it to your backyard. All you need to do is decorate and add that personal touch that makes it a haven in your outdoor space! We also do some customizable features so feel free to ask if us you have any new ideas that you would like to add. With a little bit of work, you can have your perfect she shed!

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Studio Gable Shed

A dynamic combination of aesthetic appeal and natural light infusing the Studio Gable shed, make this our go-to shed for anyone looking for a she-shed.

The Best She Shed Ideas 19

Gable Shed

Another great option for your she-shed is the Gable shed. The step-down from the Studio Gable shed, still provides plenty of space for you to add a desk, couch or a few plants.

The Best She Shed Ideas 20

Western Shed

Looking for a she-shed with a Western style, then the Western shed is perfect for you. This is a great shed for the wild and adventurous among us.

The Best She Shed Ideas 21

Urban Shed

With a modern look, the Urban shed is a classy option for your she-shed. The Urban shed fits perfectly into your backyard. While not feeling extremely large from the outside, the Urban shed provides a perfect spot to get away.

The Best She Shed Ideas 22

And if these she shed ideas weren’t enough, check out videos of these women’s creative she shed masterpieces!

Watch the design from start to finish of this jaw-dropping she shed!

Fall in love with the beautiful stain glass windows in this gorgeous winter she shed!

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