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Prefab Cabins In Colorado

The feelings of peace and comfort a cabin brings touches a place deep inside each and every one of us. The yearning for freedom and a place far away from the stresses and worries of life is something that only a cabin in the big Colorado mountains can satisfy.

We at Colorado Shed Company are both proud and happy to finally be able to offer modular cabins from Dreamwood Cabins to you. A Dreamwood Cabin is the perfect cabin home for your primary residence or your second home in the beautiful Colorado mountains. With 5 different floor plans ranging in livable square footage space from 264 sq ft to 1,344 sq ft, we are sure to have a cabin that fits your needs.

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Modular or Prefab

Some people call them prefab cabins, others call them modular cabins. The specific answer would be modular cabin because a majority of the cabin is built in a manufacturing facility right here in Colorado. Whereas, a prefab cabin would give the implication that only portions of the home are built in a shop while the rest of the home is then built on site. After the modular home is done being built and inspected, it is delivered to your property where it is set on the necessary foundation. This foundation is primarily a block wall foundation. We will take care of prepping the foundation and the necessary utilities before the delivery of your cabin.

We hope you will consider our high-quality modular cabins today.


Dreamwood Cabins are designed and built by fellow Coloradans, giving you the confidence that your cabin will withstand the treacherous winds and weather that invade our great state each year.

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These modular homes are built in a climate-controlled warehouse. This highly efficient setup allows you to get a high-quality cabin at an affordable price. It also allows for your cabin to be built without the potential of weather to have an effect on the building materials or project itself. This is a big plus, given that some new homes can be pretty much ruined by rain or snow before the home was ever lived in.

These aren’t just any run-in-the-mill cabins, either. These prefab cabins are built by highly skilled Colorado craftsmen using some of the best materials. The Dreamwood Cabins are built to the following specifications.

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Dreamwood Cabins are Built to Building Code – IRC 2018

  • Our engineered plans are reviewed and stamped by the Colorado Department of Housing.
  • Snow Load is rated at 71 PSF Roof Load and 50 PSF Ground Snow Load.
  • Wind Load is rated at 115 MPH.

Construction Specifications

  • The floor system is 2×6 floor joists 16″ on center. Double 2×6 rim board around the perimeter of the entire home.
  • The walls are 2×6 studs 16″ on center.
  • Engineered roof trusses are placed 16″ on center.
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  • Designed for maximum efficiency, the floor, walls, and ceiling are insulated in every Dreamwood Cabin.
  • Floor: Closed Cell Spray Foam with R-31 rating
  • Walls: Fiberglass Batt Insulation with R-19 rating
  • Ceiling: Closed Cell Spray Foam with R-38 rating
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Heating and Cooling

  • Base pricing includes electric baseboard heaters.
  • We offer mini-split systems as an option for heating and cooling in your modular cabin.

Exterior Finishes

  • Choose from Duratemp Panel Siding, 6″ Reveal Lap Siding, 29 Gauge Metal Siding, or 8″ Log Siding.
  • The roof is available with 40-year rated Metal Roof or 30-year rated Architectural shingles.

Interior Finishes

  • The interior can be finished with shiplap or V-board on the walls and ceiling. Choose from a clear coat or painted interior. Accent trim around doors and windows may be stained as well.
  • The flooring is a highly durable hand-scraped wood plank laminate flooring or a waterproof vinyl plank.

The fact that Dreamwood Cabins is a sister company to Colorado Shed Company can give you the confidence that your cabin will be built with the same high-quality craftsmanship as all of our sheds are built with.


All Dreamwood Cabins are licensed modular homes, this makes financing your cabin home simple for you. We will gladly assist you in making sure the financing process goes smoothly.

We look forward to helping you purchase a modular cabin home with Dreamwood Cabins.

4 thoughts on “We Now Sell Dreamwood Cabins!

  1. Donna Pennington says:

    Would like a price list, I have purchased 2 structures from Innovative in the past…good quality. I am not sure what I want for sure, are you in Canyon City? Do you have these cabins on your lot? Do we need a building permit? I might want more than one is there a discount?

  2. Shawn H says:

    I have a vacant lot in Park County, with electricity brought in already. We would like to put a 2-bedroom cabin on it. Are you approved by Park County, and do you have a price list for a cabin installed on our (future) foundation.

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