Animal Sheds For Sale

Protect your animals with portable sheds

Whether you are looking for better protection for your horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, or other animals - we can help you better protect your animals in any season with a variety of portable animal sheds and shelters.

From chick coops to loafing sheds with accompanying tackrooms, we offer a variety of sheds made specifically for animals.

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Animal Shed Inventory in Colorado

Please Note: Sheds marked with "Special Order" means it is not currently on our lot - but we can build a similar one for you!


8×10 Chicken Coop


Capture the front view of our 12x12 Loafing shed, featuring a spacious opening without doors, designed for effortless accessibility. The absence of doors creates a wide and inviting entrance, allowing for easy entry and convenient storage of your items.

12×12 Loafing Shed


Chicken Coop 6x8 perfect for raising chickens, highlighting the easy access to nesting boxes.

Chicken Coop 6×8



8×12 Tackroom Style



Tackroom Style 8×12



8×12 Tackroom Style


10x12 Loafing Style Storage shed on blocks. Large open entrance, wooden walls, metal roof.

10×12 Loafing Style



8×12 Tackroom Style



12×12 Loafing Shed



12×32 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom



10×20 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom


10x20 Loafing Shed with Tackroom large shed with double doors plus a large open entrance and a window. Green walls and wooden trim, metal roof.

10×20 Loafing Shed w/Tackroom



10×20 Loafing Shed with Tackroom



10×20 Loafing Shed w/ Tackroom


Experience the spacious design of our 8x10 Loafing storage shed as you view it from the front, highlighting the open front space that provides easy access and flexibility for your storage needs. This unique feature allows for convenient loading and unloading, making organization a breeze.

8×10 Loafing Shed


The sun shines through a window of a beach house, illuminating a sandy property with a shed and a building surrounded by a cloud-filled sky.

8×12 Tackroom Style



6×8 Chicken Coop


8x12 Tackroom Style storage shed with double doors and a window on the side, viewed from the front.

8×12 Tackroom Style



8×10 Chicken Coop



8×12 Tackroom Style


Tackroom Style 8x12 storage shed with wood siding, double doors, and a window.

Tackroom Style 8×12


Loafing Sheds

Enjoy a popular run-in shed designed for horses, cows, and other animals in your pasture.

Loafing Sheds with Tack Room

When you need some extra storage room in your shed, then you can always add a tack room! These sheds combine the run-in option with additional storage.

Chicken Coops

Keep your chickens safe, cleaner, and healthier with a variety of chicken coop sizes and colors.

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Animal Shed FAQ’s

What is an animal shed?

In its simplest form, and animal shed is simply a storage shed made for animals!

This typically means animals are able to come in and out of the shed, whether it is a run-in loafing shed or a chicken coop that allows the chickens to come in and out.

What is the difference between and "animal shed" and "animal shelter"?

An animal shed means the structure will probably be a standard storage shed size that is prefab and can be delivered.

On the other hand, an animal shelter could mean a variety of sizes and structures and  might not always refer to a prefab structure.

What size animal sheds do you offer?

We offer pretty much any prefab size you want or need for your home, farm, and animals!

Our most popular sizes include 8x108x1210x1210x1610x2012x1212x16, and more. 

How soon can you deliver?

If the shed is in our current available inventory, then we can typically deliver in several business days or fewer! If you are looking for a custom animal structure, then we aim to have it built and delivered in 3 weeks or less.

What are the benefits of an animal shed over a standard barn?

There are several benefits, especially if you don't have a large number of animals:

  • Portability - these prefab sheds can be built off-site, delivered, and moved if necessary.
  • Cost - They are much more cost-effective than building a standard barn.
  • Spacious - If you simply need a shelter from rain, snow, and wind in your pasture, then a loafing shed is perfect without breaking the bank!
  • Flexibility - You don't need to sacrifice flexibility. These sheds still have room for housing livestock, providing a birthing place, quarantine or isolation areas, etc.