A Detached Garage or A Garage Addition: What is my Best Choice?

Since a decision on a garage on your property can have many ramifications beyond just parking your car inside it’s a good idea to think through your plans before you start.

Each situation is unique and requires looking at it with a critical eye. You may think the decision between attached versus detached garage is a no-brainer but you don’t want to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars only to wish later you had done it differently! There are plenty of types of garages to choose from, and there's no reason to go with one your don't really love.

Some people opt to have a garage built onto their existing house only to view it as an eyesore once it’s in front of them when they come in their driveway. If first impressions are important what do people think when they approach your place of abode?

Let’s look at just a few preliminary points before moving into some of the many positives of a detached garage.

1. Will a Detached Garage fit your property’s dynamics?

There are almost as many opinions as 2 car garages out there but you need to make a decision based on what YOU need! Some homeowners discover it’s impossible to build an attached garage because of local zoning issues. Others simply like the aesthetics of a detached garage better than having a monstrosity sticking out the front of their house like a sore thumb. If your property is long and narrow or your house is already close to the property line a detached garage is a perfect fit.

If you have an older home very likely an attached garage will look out of place. The detached garage takes care of this problem, and you can have the freedom to design it as a separate building rather than trying to make it blend in with your existing house. 

2. What are the cost comparisons of a detached garage and an attached garage addition?

While getting a contractor to build you an on site detached garage may be more expensive than having the same contractor build you an attached garage you will be pleasantly surprised if you compare the cost of one of our single car garages or two car garages with the cost of a contractor built attached garage. With a prefab garage there is no need for a foundation, and our efficiently built structures are more than capable of handling your storage needs.

3. What do you want to use your garage for?

In many instances a garage is not simply a place to put your car. In fact, many homeowners end up parking their car outside and using their garage space to store what no longer fits in an overflowing attic! If you’re looking for storage space you will want to seriously consider a detached garage. With a detached garage you won’t have to limit its footprint to what “looks right” attached to your house. You will have the freedom to make it wide/long enough to store a pile of junk and STILL have room for old Bessie!

If you simply want a place to park your car, you may want to consider something simpler, like a carport garage, or a portable garage shed.


A prefab detached garage is less costly.

If you haven’t checked into what is available from your local Colorado prefab garage builder it’s time to visit us! Many people over the past decade have been delighted with the prefab sheds built to their specs. Quality materials and painstaking workmanship along with the latest tools and equipment add up to a building that is very economical when compared to the typical garage built by your local contractor.

A prefab detached garage won’t cause a major mess in your house.

If you don’t want to experience weeks on end of sawdust, noise, and general mayhem disturbing your peaceful daily routine simply order a detached garage, watch our crew put it in place in a few hours’ time and park your car (and all your other stuff!) in it the same day!

Going the prefab detached garage route may mean lower insurance and taxes.

This varies by municipality but you may be pleasantly surprised to discover property taxes may be lower for a detached garage versus the attached version. Insurance rates may also be lower for a property that has a detached garage due to less fire hazard for the main house.

A prefab detached garage gives you flexibility in size and location.

Is your main reason for considering adding a garage to your property the fact that you’re running out of storage space? Look no further than your local Colorado Springs area prefab garage builder! Your detached garage can be anywhere from one or two car garages or even bigger, and made extra wide or long to accommodate all your tools and toys!

More customizable, easier to expand in the future.

A prefab garage can easily have your signature stamped on it! Adding cupolas, shutters, flower boxes, transoms, and even a dormer or two will set it apart from the drab everyday garage that’s plopped on some properties. Dress it up!

There is usually less hassle with zoning laws with a prefab garage versus an attached permanent building.

Since a prefab detached garage doesn’t need a foundation there is usually less involved in permits, etc. You can even easily have your garage moved if you want it at another location your property. And if you are crazy enough to want to leave the mountains of Colorado behind simply take your garage along!

Adding an attached garage to a small or even medium sized house may not look right.

The solution to that kind of an eyesore once again is a detached garage!

A detached garage makes more sense if you plan to use it as a workshop.

Think of the noise and fire hazards involved in a workshop. Do you really want all that right next to your house? Why not remove it a stone’s throw away where it will still be close enough to use as both a one or two car garage and a workshop.

A detached garage means better security for the main house.

No access to the main building through a garage door you forget to keep locked. Of course, it’s always good even with a detached garage to keep everything locked up tight. It’s been proven that a locked door does wonders to keep the casual thief out of your hair.

Many musical bands found their way to stardom in the family garage.

Do you really need the (literal) headache that comes from having that sound coming from an adjoining room? If you have a son or daughter who is an aspiring musician my advice is to purchase a low cost, aesthetically pleasing, customizable prefab detached garage. Then when your son (or daughter) wants to play drummer SEND HIM OR HER TO THE GARAGE!

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