New Storage Sheds | A Great Way to Prepare for Summer! 

Royal Gorge Style New Storage Shed

As the weather warms, and the sun shines warm, it’s time to trade the snowblower and shovels for the mower and weed eater. You can either stash everything in the corner of the garage or worse just leave it outside (please don’t do that).

What if you had a dedicated place to keep your valuable lawn care equipment out of the sun and elements, and in tip-top shape? 

If you have a backyard of any size then a new outdoor storage shed is invaluable and will definitely be a great investment.

How a New Storage Shed Helps you Prepare for Summer!

There are lots of ways a storage shed can improve your summer and help you keep your life organized as we prepare for the warmth of summer. Here are 3 benefits to adding a shed to your summer prep!

1. Much Needed Extra Storage Space:

One of the most helpful parts of putting a new storage shed in your backyard is the extra storage space it provides. As summer rolls around, and you start to clean out the other corners of your home and property, there are always things that you want to keep but don’t know where to store until you need them again, like Christmas lights and decorations, your kid’s toys, sleds, etc. Check out this blog about the popular modern storage shed.

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2. Protect your equipment from the elements:

If you have any amount of grass to mow, then you’ll need a decent-sized mower, and with an investment like that, you really can’t afford to let it sit outside throughout the summer, exposed to beating sun and pounding rain. Your new storage shed can solve the problem without crowding your garage with all those extra pieces of equipment. 

3. Organization:

Another huge benefit of having your own shed in your backyard is that you’ll be able to find the things you need when you need them. Because we all know that having a tool is only good if you can find it when you need it. So when investing in a new storage shed, it’s a great idea to think about what interior options you’d like to add. Do you need a workbench to keep your tools organized and a place to work? Or maybe you could add a pegboard wall to give all your yard and garden tools a home.

How to Keep Your New Storage Shed Cool in the Heat

One of the knocks against storage sheds is the lack of climate control, especially in the heat of the summer. But thankfully for us, there are a few simple steps you can take to help with that excess temperature.

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Increasing ventilation in your shed will improve the airflow and in effect, lower the temperature in your shed. The included gable vent will allow for some natural ventilation. But if you need more airflow, you have several options. If you have electricity run to your shed, then adding an electric exhaust fan to your gable end wall will greatly improve the ventilation of your shed. If electricity isn’t available, then just simply opening the garage door a little bit, or propping open your entry door are simple, practical ways to increase ventilation. 


Another easy and practical way to improve your shed’s ability to withstand the summer heat is to insulate your shed. While insulation doesn’t guarantee a cool shed, it definitely helps a lot. And the better you insulate the better the results will be. You can find insulation at any hardware store, or local box store. Adding additional weatherstripping around the doors and windows will also increase the insulation factor. 

Communicated well. You were responsive when I had a question. Went beyond what was required in dealing with permit. Delivered reasonably on time. Good quality workmanship. Well Done.

Harry Barnes
December 12, 2020

Fit and finish was excellent. Quality of materials was very good. Jesse was great to work with during the ordering process and Brian did a really good job of getting the shed there and placing it just where I wanted. I really appreciate this company for maintaining a high standard during difficult times.

Robert Venable
April 12, 2022

From beginning to end, it was a very pleasing experience! We build on site, and the crew was amazing! We are very happy with the results! Thanks you all!

Susie Da Silva
October 15, 2020

Great to deal with salesman very helpful and friendly. Delivered was simply and amazing to watch the driver put the shed right in the shot I needed it.

Gregory Ness
September 28, 2020

Friendly staff. Quality, well-built products. Professional installation crew. Everything went well and we are very happy with our purchase.

David Goodrich
June 6, 2020

New Storage Shed Ideas from Colorado's Largest Shed Yard

The Gable A-Frame Storage Shed

When you are looking for a simple, yet elegant, storage option, then the Gable A-Frame Storage Shed is a great place to start. It’s a very affordable, low-profile shed, making it great for small backyards, and spaces where height restrictions are in effect. The Gable Shed makes an ideal small garden shed, as well as a simple workshop. 

Plus there are lots of ways to make this shed your own. You can add a cupola to the roof, flower boxes around the window, or a simple workbench inside.

The Gable Porch Package

If you’re looking for a shed to convert into a man cave or she-shed, then adding a porch to your gable shed creates an even more appealing place exterior. And gives you an awesome place to expand your space outside, a place to sit and enjoy the beauty you’ve created. Contact us at Colorado Shed Company for more information about our gable shed porch packages.

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The Tack Room Storage Shed

If you are in need of a sharp-looking new storage shed with plenty of space and lots of customizations, then say hello to the Tack Room style shed. And while this shed is great as a tack room, don’t let the name fool you. It also makes a great backyard storage shed. Choose your size, the kind of doors, the number of windows, and any other add-ons like window boxes, or a ramp to get your riding mower in and out easily. And the 2’ roof overhang on the front of the shed gives you that little bit of extra protection from the elements!

The Royal Gorge Wood Shed

Named after our local natural wonder and popular tourist destination, the Royal Gorge Shed is a unique combination of old-fashioned practicality and modern beauty. The single-sloped roof provides lots of headroom as well as space to add plenty of windows and/or double doors. This stylish backyard shed provides you and your property with an aesthetically appealing storage option. Make a statement in your backyard with the Royal Gorge shed.

New Storage Shed

We have New Storage Sheds in Stock!

If you need a shed quickly and don’t have time to wait from one built to custom specifications, then check out our extensive shed inventory. As the backyard storage supercenter, we have the largest selection of shed inventory in Colorado, with lots of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. The best part is when you choose a shed from our inventory. All you have to do is get your site prepped, and the location accessible for your new shed, we will have it delivered to your home within two weeks of completing your order! 

So Are You Ready for Summer?

So let's get you started making this your best summer yet with your new storage shed. 

While a shed from Colorado Shed Company might not be the cheapest shed on the block, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible quality, at an affordable price, ensuring that your shed, and your valuable storage items, will last for years to come! 

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