What Is A Modern Garden Shed?

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Modern garden sheds don’t have to be simply boring, functional buildings. Besides keeping the normal gardening tools and supplies, a backyard garden shed can also be a charming centerpiece of your yard and even give you some extra living space. With a new modern garden shed added to your backyard landscaping, you can create an outdoor oasis where you’ll want to spend the entire summer.

What Makes A Modern Garden Shed?

Maybe you are wondering why you even need a garden shed in the first place? And one reason you should definitely consider investing in a modern garden shed is that you don’t want all the hard work you put into making your backyard what you want and have unsightly tools and supplies sitting around.

And while the exact definition of a Modern Garden Shed is a lot in the eye of the beholder. There are a few characteristics that are usually associated with the “modern” look. A modern garden shed often includes straight clean lines with a lean-to-style roof and lots of windows. A basic, grayish-white color scheme is usually used, but can easily be modified to fit your specific preferences and personality. A few important things that make up a well-designed modern garden shed are…

  • At least one window for light, the views, and some fresh air. Add as many as you can to make your garden shed as air and light as possible.
  • Make sure there is plenty of floor space and headroom so you can stand and walk around.
  • Have a worktable in your modern garden shed for tinkering with your plants and tools.
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Modern Garden Shed Styles from Colorado Shed

The Urban Shed

Speaking of modern. The Urban Shed is designed for the contemporary look that fits the style of today. With the clean minimalistic lines and lean-to roof, this shed is the perfect fit if you are looking to add a modern garden shed to your backyard landscape. With a few optional add-ons, this could be a great place to store your extra garden tools and even a workspace for your reseeding and potting your plants!

The Gable Shed

The Gable Shed, or A-Frame, is not only a very economical choice for your next garden shed but when you include a few windows and some flower boxes you have your own classic garden shed. The low-profile roofline makes it an ideal shed for any place that has height restrictions. 

The Tackroom Storage Shed

Don’t let the name fool you. The Tackroom Shed is a beauty of a building that has many uses, including a tack room, simple storage shed, or your modern garden shed. The 2’ overhang on the front of the shed gives a bit of protection from the elements as you step inside the shed. Add a few windows and this could just be your next favorite yard accessory. 

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Modern Garden Shed FAQs

How many types of garden sheds are there?

There are about as many types of garden sheds as there are people who have them. They are the perfect combination of storage, tool, and work sheds. So whatever your specific need is for the garden shed, you can find a shed to match. Whether you are looking for a simple 8’x10’ gable shed, or a more elaborate, larger, Studio Gable Shed, that has room for all your equipment, tools plus space to work.

What is a garden shed used for?

A garden shed is usually used as a place to store all your garden-related items, including any tools, or equipment you need. Depending on the size of your shed you can also keep things like your lawnmower and garden tiller in the garden shed. If you enjoy gardening and potting plants, your garden shed is a great place to add a small workstation and place for your potting tools so you have easy access to your supplies when you get the urge to dig in the dirt! 

What is a good size for a shed?

What is a good size for a shed? While the answer to this question is going to vary a lot depending on your specific needs and property size. A good size for a basic shed is around 8 ft. x 12 ft. while you can go smaller than that, you will quickly run out of room. You can also get a 12 ft. x 20 ft. shed, which is large enough for a garage, with a ramp and garage doors as well. 

Can I turn my shed into a greenhouse?

A common modification to a garden shed is making all or part of it into your own greenhouse. You can easily turn a modern shed into a greenhouse. Whether that means running electricity to your shed for a heated space for your plants and vegetables or covering a portion of your shed in glass or plastic to allow the sun to shine in and warm the area. 

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Other Shed Styles from Colorado Shed Company

The Studio Gable Shed

If you are looking for a sharp-looking shed to be your new home office, art studio, or man cave, then go no farther than the Studio Gable. The highlight of this style is the extra sets of windows on the gable and above the doors. With all the windows in this shed, it makes an ideal modern garden shed.

The Barn Style Shed

The Barn Style Shed, while not a modern look, is truly a throwback to the good ole days. With the traditional country style that fits perfectly on the ranch or in the countryside. The best part of the Barn Style Shed is the added headroom, which leaves room for a loft as well. 

The Western Shed

The Western Shed stands out with its distinctive “western” style roof, making it the perfect building for your farm or ranch property. If you are looking for a unique garden shed idea, this Western-style could just be it. This shed also makes a great home office or extra bedroom when you finish it out. 

The Royal Gorge Wood Shed

Named after the local natural wonder, the Royal Gorge Shed combines practicality and class, producing a modern-looking building that will improve any backyard area. There are so many ways to make this shed personalized to you, whether it’s adding extra windows or a garage door on the gable end. If a modern garden shed is what you are looking for, then the Royal Gorge Shed is just for you! 

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A modern garden shed is a great way to bring a contemporary flair to your backyard landscaping project. Of course, choosing the right shed isn’t always an easy decision, but at Colorado Shed Company we make finding your ideal modern garden shed a breeze. With years of construction and shed building experience, you can rely on us to get you what you need! Contact us today to talk about your specific shed needs or visit our 3D Shed Builder.

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