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10×20 Studio Gable


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10×20 Studio Gable



10×20 Gable Style



10×20 Barn Style


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12×12 Loafing Shed



10×20 Royal Gorge



12×12 Loafing Shed



14×24 Gable XL



10×20 Studio Gable


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10×20 Studio Gable



10×20 Gable Style



10×20 Barn Style


Are you feeling stressed or irresponsible because you don’t have enough storage in your home or proper shelter for your assets?

We believe everyone should have the space and shelter they need for what matters most to them, and we want to help you find the structure that’s right for your situation!

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Replace This

  • Not being able to use your garage or
    basement because of clutter
  • Assets being exposed to weather
  • Animals not having proper shelter
  • Not having enough room for hobbies
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With This

  • Regaining space in your home and garage
  • Properly protecting assets & animals
  • Having room to pursue your passions

Sheds Designed To Last A Lifetime in Penrose

Storage shed interior


Every structure is built with only premium lumber and best construction practices.

gable sheds with porches


Have peace of mind knowing your shed is built from a licensed engineer blueprint.



We make it easy to work with 1 company in the whole process: sales, delivery, and even permitting.



Sometimes life throws us curveballs. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Why Work With Colorado Shed Company?

Since our start in 2004, our focus has been serving every customer in Penrose and beyond with our local and family-owned values.

That’s why we approach every sale and
structure with…

  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Focusing on competency and letting you know if
    we can’t build something you want
  • Building a positive customer experience & long-term relationships
  • Using the best materials and construction practices
  • Helping with permitting & code regulations (additional cost may apply)

We make a new storage shed in Penrose simple!

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    Pick from our inventory or build your own.

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    We offer 3 purchase options: pay in full, financing, or rent-to-own.

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    We offer free delivery for the first 50 miles.

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    Love your extra space and shelter!

Your local Penrose Shed Builder

Many people feel irresponsible or stressed when they don’t have enough storage space or aren’t properly protecting their assets and animals.

At Colorado Shed Company, we build and deliver quality sheds and outdoor structures throughout Penrose, Colorado, that solve your storage & shelter needs and gives you room to pursue your passions!

Are you looking for a way to work from home? Need a small Backyard Shed for a photography studio? Want a workout den for your backyard? All of this is possible because we love to build storage sheds so that your dreams can be realized!

Are you overwhelmed by the chaos of clutter? Does your garage or attic seem like an endless mess? 

You're not alone in this struggle. 

Here at Colorado Sheds, we understand the frustrations of living in a cluttered and disorganized home. That's why we specialize in constructing custom storage sheds, garages, and more for residents in Penrose. Our sheds are carefully designed to provide you with the extra space you need to store your belongings and pursue your hobbies, without compromising on style or quality. 

With a range of customization options, we ensure that your shed or garage perfectly suits your specific needs. We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring a durable and reliable structure. Let us help you create a more organized and enjoyable home. 

Contact us today to discover more about our services and how we can assist you.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Fremont County, Colorado, Penrose is a charming rural community that offers a blend of rich history, a thriving economy, and an abundance of outdoor activities. With its fascinating past, solid economic foundation, and diverse demographics, Penrose has become an enticing destination for residents and visitors alike.

One of the main historical facts about Penrose is its connection to the Penrose family, a prominent Colorado family known for their significant contributions to the state's mining industry. Spencer Penrose, one of the key figures, played a vital role in developing the mining industry in the region. His legacy is commemorated through various landmarks and institutions, including the Penrose Equestrian Center, which hosts equestrian events and showcases the Penrose family's love for horses and horsemanship.

Penrose has experienced steady economic growth and boasts a thriving business community. The area is known for its agricultural heritage, with a focus on farming and ranching. In recent years, Penrose has also seen an increase in small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. The economic vitality is further enhanced by its proximity to nearby towns such as Cañon City, which offers additional opportunities for employment and commerce.

When it comes to demographics, Penrose is home to a diverse population. As of the latest available data, the population of Penrose is approximately 4,300 residents. The community comprises a mix of individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

While Penrose offers a peaceful and rural atmosphere, there are several exciting activities to engage in. Here are five of the best things to do in Penrose:

  1. Explore the Royal Gorge: Located nearby, the Royal Gorge is a must-visit attraction. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Royal Gorge Bridge, one of the highest suspension bridges in the world, and enjoy thrilling activities such as the Royal Gorge Route Railroad and zip-lining across the gorge.
  2. Discover the Wineries: Penrose is home to several wineries and vineyards that offer wine tastings and tours. Experience the region's unique viticulture and savor locally produced wines amidst the stunning vineyard landscapes.
  3. Engage in Outdoor Recreation: Enjoy the natural beauty of Penrose by hiking or biking along the scenic trails. The area offers opportunities for fishing, camping, and horseback riding, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serene surroundings.
  4. Visit the Fremont County Historical Museum: Located in Cañon City, just a short drive from Penrose, this museum showcases the history and heritage of the region. Explore exhibits that highlight the area's mining past, Native American culture, and pioneer life.
  5. Attend Local Events and Festivals: Experience the vibrant community spirit of Penrose by participating in local events and festivals. From farmers markets to rodeos and art shows, these gatherings provide a chance to connect with residents and celebrate the town's unique character.

Whether you're seeking a taste of history, outdoor escapades, or a close-knit community experience, Penrose is a destination that will leave a lasting impression.

Are you a resident of Penrose, CO looking to expand your property's storage capacity? Look no further than Colorado Sheds! 

No matter if you require a storage shed, animal shelter, garage, tack room, or any other type of storage solution, we have you fully covered. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a well-organized and clutter-free property. Don't hesitate to give us a call. We would be thrilled to assist you in making your property more organized and efficient.

We serve all the areas around Penrose, including: 

Cañon City, Florence, Rockvale, Williamsburg, Coal Creek

Give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Read some of our reviews:

Evelyn Johnson: "We had a large garage (26x30) built by these guys— very impressed with the customer service from all levels of the organization. Everyone was responsive, professional and took pride in the work. I’m so thankful we got to work with such a great group of people!!"


Johnny Davis: "Designed my custom shed with my own specifications. Took my time and went to the Colorado Shed yard and viewed several completed buildings. Was very impressed with the construction and workmanship. The shed was completed earlier then expected, and a delivery date was arranged. Brian did an amazing job placing the shed at my prepared site. It was remarkable watching him maneuver the trailer and placing it perfectly as I requested. I highly recommend Colorado Shed Company and will be purchasing a custom Greenhouse in the future."